Transgender Styling Services

The clothes we wear should be an extension of our true selves. I want to help you discover your personal style and create outfits that you feel beautiful, feminine, and comfortable in.


How we'll work together

In a safe and private environment, we will work together to build on your knowledge of styling and grooming. Along with learning how you want to be seen in the world and how you can use style to achieve this.


My personal styling services are for anyone identifying as transgender, transitioning, exploring gender fluidity, or cross-dressing. We will discuss exactly what you want to achieve with your style, look, and wardrobe. Let me help take away any nerves you may have about beginning to dress as a woman. And, give you the confidence of knowing the best tips on transgender styling.

Let me shop for you!


As well as learning more about your own personal style, I also offer a personal shopping experience.


It can be overwhelming stepping into an unfamiliar section of a clothing shop. Let me create a hassle-free personal shopping experience for you by finding the perfect outfits to meet your style.


If shopping feels like too daunting of a task I can provide you with a style consultation to discover what you want to achieve with your style. From this, we can shop online together and you can benefit from my guidance and support. Alternatively, let me go shopping for you. We can then sort through the purchases together to find some great new items for you, and return anything we deem not good enough!

All of my regular styling services are available to you



























beautiful woman sits on chair looking into sunlight with style consultant help
Image by Juan Ordonez

Banish those "I've nothing to wear" moments. Come and discover the clothes which fit you perfectly. Not just your body but your lifestyle as well. 

Image by Alyssa Strohmann

Imagine being able to look in your wardrobe and already see all the outfit choices ready to go. Wardrobe management will help you take back control and make getting ready each morning a breeze.

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No more disastrous shopping trips coming home either empty-handed and depressed. Or, with clothes doomed to spend their lives in the back of the wardrobe with the tags still on. Take a shopping trip with me where you'll learn exactly the right pieces to buy and how to shop more efficiently.

Image by JD  Mason

Take the stress away of trying to work out what colours suit you and how to match colours together, with a colour analysis session

Learn how to effortlessly create a beautiful and coordinated wardrobe.

Please check out my services page for more detailed information and prices on these, or contact me to discuss further how style and confidence coaching can help you.

Check out the Beaumont Society for Transgender community support