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What underwear should I wear? Part 1 - Knickers | Confident Stylings

I've mentioned on my blog before how we can manipulate our bodies and disguise or highlight certain areas by what we wear. Most recently we looked at coats and which style of coat you should be rocking this Winter. But, what if we go right back to basics? Where it all starts. Underwear! Or, for today - knickers.

Underwear is the core of any outfit and can have a massive impact on the end of result of your careful styling. So, before you next throw on that old pair of knickers, have a read of what underwear you really should be wearing.

artistic photo of a woman lounging in black underwear, reading a book with a towel on her head

A general rule for everybody is to wear the correct size. We don't want any VPL going on here, that's never a good look. Sometimes it may even be worth going up a size to your usual dress size as this can help create a smoother line. Also, you need to be aware of colours. As fun as it is to choose pretty knickers in lots of different colours be aware of what your planning to wear them with, and if they will be visible. When wearing a light outfit always opt for a nude/ skin colour over white as white can still show through.

powerful and confident woman wearing high leg knickers in black with black high heels

High Leg Knickers

As the name suggests these cut high on the thigh (fun to say and wear). This can help give the illusion of longer legs, so a great option for those with short legs. These can also be a great option for those who are Pear or Hourglass shaped. The high cut draws the eye up to the smaller waist and away from wider hips.

cool, athletic girl wears hot pink short knickers

Shorts/Boy Shorts

Shorts can be a really great comfortable option for knickers. They give good coverage of the bottom and can provide a good amount of support. However, these will have the opposite effect of the High Leg knickers and will shorten and widen the thighs. Who wants that right? Well, whilst Pears and Hourglasses probably want to avoid this option, this could be great for those who do have longer legs and a Straight body shape.

high waist full brief knickers in a tan colour on a young slim woman

Full Brief

Another great option for good support and coverage. These can be a fantastic choice for those with an Apple shape as they will cover the whole bottom and keep a nice smooth line up to the waist - just make sure you're wearing a comfortable size. Anything too tight will show off that VPL.

girls draws a heart on her stomach in lipstick above her sexy french knickers

French Knickers

For those who want to be a bit more fancy (pants), Get it? Fancy pants. French Knickers can be a great shout. Usually made from more luxurious materials they can be very comfortable, but do lack support. These are most likely a better choice for Straight and Inverted Triangle shapes, or those blessed with a smaller behind.

sexy, beautiful woman in a thong walking towards the bedroom

Thong/ G String

Like the French Knickers, these offer minimal support but do eradicate the potential for VPL, so maybe save for the days your wearing your tightest clothes and not planning on running, or just generally moving anywhere too quickly. These can be a wonderful option though for anyone if you are wearing a more form/tight fitting outfit.

black woman in cool pink bikini

Bikini Briefs

The opposite of Thongs these can be difficult to wear under tight clothing and risk of VPL is high. I'm issuing a red warning on Bikinis. However, if you ensure you're wearing the correct size and fit and something looser on the bottom that day, then don't let me stop you.

I would also like to give an honorable mention to the Spanx/ Magic Knickers. For my ladies with the fuller legs and bottoms (Pears, Apples and Hourglasses) these can add that extra bit of support and help to create a smoother line. Garments do tend to look better when over Spanx, but your comfort is top priority. Make sure you can still move and have a good time. And, breathe. Breathing is good.

Now you're prepared with the information venture forth and select the perfect underwear. Taking that little extra time to consider how your knickers will effect the look of your outfit can be worthwhile and just see if you notice the difference.

Don't forget to check back here next week for the low down on the over the shoulder boulder holders - bras.

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