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What to Wear to Avoid Thigh Rub and Keep Looking Cool and Chic this Summer | Confident Stylings

We all dread it. The days get hot and we want to be out and about enjoying the sun. But, you start walking in your pretty summer dress, and moments later it begins. That uncomfortable chafing feeling as your thighs start to work up a sweet sweat.

Luckily for you (and me), there are some simple styling hacks we can use to keep our thighs protected. Whilst still looking flawless and keeping our cool on this summer.

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The Old Switcheroo Something that changed my life was switching from Summer dresses. Opting instead for either a cute playsuit or a light trouser, such as culottes or palazzo pants. These looks are still incredibly stylish and great for Summer but they offer a nice bit of covering for your legs.

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Not only do they help you to avoid the dreaded chub rub but they can be much more functional than a dress. Gone is the fear of an unexpected gust of wind. You can play with the kids at the park and climb with gay abandon. And, bend over without having to worry if anything is on show. Just remember to stick with something that will work for your and your body. Soft materials for those with a curvier body. Whilst, straighter bodylines can look for more structured fabrics.

Shh! It's a secret If dresses are your go-to look and you want to keep rocking them this Summer then you can get inventive with what you wear underneath. Why not try wearing longer bike-style shorts underneath dresses so that your thighs are still covered?

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This works particularly well with a midi or maxi dress. But, should you opt for a shorter dress you can make a statement out of the "undergarment". You could try looking for a long-short in a fun colour or a nice print to incorporate it into your outfit. This can be a fun way to dress down a more "dressier" piece for a fun daytime look. Or, look for some with some pretty lace detailing to balance out the look. If that's not for you there's a lot of products on the market now made specifically for this. You could look for one in a skin colour tone to minimise the appearance.

Bermuda Shorts are always in If you're more into shorts then why not try out a long line short, such as Bermudas. These are a great option and can look very chic and classy as opposed to denim shorts. They can be versatile and great for on the go with a pair of trainers and a t-shirt. Or, dressed up for some evening drinks with a nice heel and blouse.

woman on phone wearing shorts and top with bag on street

You can find Bermuda's in a range of fabrics so can choose the best one for your bodyline. Whether that's a more structured chino or a softer cotton.

And bonus, these are less likely to ride up and give you an unfortunate wedgy.

Try these outfits out for a stress free and comfortable Summer this year!

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