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What Knitwear Should I Wear? | Confident Stylings

As we move from Autumn and firmly into Winter the temperature is a dropping. What better way to deal with the cold than getting all wrapped up in some cosy knitwear? But, every time you reach for that jumper or cardigan do you just end up looking like a shapeless lump? Or too swamped by all that glorious snuggle? Here are my top tips to get you looking and feeling amazing this Winter and finding the perfect Knitwear for you.

Be aware of too much texture

Now, given the nature of knitwear, there tends to be a lot of texture involved. The texture is going to impact how the fabric looks and sits on the body, and too much can end up looking bulky. Your bodyline and shape will determine how much texture you can handle. Texture tends to add a curve to the fabric so if you have a straight body line and straighter body shape you can usually handle more texture than a naturally curvy body. Those with more curves should opt for looser knits whilst those with a straighter line can go for more tightly woven options.

Also, consider your scale when you're selecting fabric weight. Those with a smaller scale need a lighter weight fabric otherwise you're going to look swamped, whereas those with a medium to large scale can carry a heavier fabric.

Style it right

I love a huge, oversized jumper as much as the next basic bitch but I lose all my shape and start to look like a Christmas Pudding with legs. You need to have an awareness of your body shape when selecting the style of your jumper.

Those with an Hourglass shape need to have something more fitted, otherwise, your beautiful curves get lost. Similarly, Pear shapes could benefit from a more fitted option and need to ensure it is ending in line with the hips, and no longer, or can be tucked into the bottoms. Remember, Pear shapes want to widen the shoulder line so any knitwear that has some detail around the shoulders is great.

Apple shapes can get a way with more of a baggier fit but make sure it fits well. If you can find something with an asymmetric hemline, even better.

Those with an Inverted Triangle shape will benefit from something more structured and need to avoid any large block of colour around the bust area, so look for something with a pattern that can help break this up, or a jumper with a lower neckline.

Lastly but not leastly, Straight body shapes. Like the Inverted Triangles, you're best to stick with something more structured but opt for a high neck top. So, turtle necks can be your go-to if you're a fan. When it comes to the length just make sure it's nothing too short, so anything cropped is not an option for you, I'm afraid.

Jumper or Cardigan?

So, you know what style, fabric, and texture to look for but, do you go for a jumper of a cardigan? This will mostly be down to preference.

Cardigans can work really well if you want to achieve the column of colour which will help to elongate and slim the body. Perfect if you indulge a little over the festive period. Cardigans could also work really well for both Hourglass and Inverted Triangle shapes. If wearing a fitted top underneath then Hourglasses won't lose their shape, and if wearing a different colour top underneath this will help to break up any large blocks of colour for Inverted Triangles.

Jumpers can be easier if you want to create a very quick and simple outfit as you don't need to necessarily worry about a top underneath or matching an additional item to your outfit.

If you prefer a monochromatic outfit you can always opt for a jumper and bottoms in the same colour but wear an alternative colour collared top underneath. The collar at the top of the jumper will add a pop of colour and can be a great way to draw the eye up, which is especially perfect for Apple and Pear shapes.

These tips should keep you looking sleek, chic and foxy as you enjoy a cosy Winter and avoid the bulky, pudding look we all know and don't love.

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