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What is an Image Consultant? And Why Should You Care? | Confident Stylings

So, you may have guessed by now that I'm an Image Consultant. Wait, a what? What exactly is an Image Consultant?

I want to share with you exactly what I do. More importantly why you should care or why you should hire an Image Consultant.

It's time to show the world who you are

We all want people to understand and get what we're about. I don't know about you but I can't stand it when someone has misinterpreted something about me. You should be proud of who you are and want to share this with the world.

Well, I'll share a little secret with you. You can do this through your image. Shockingly only 7% of a first impression is based on what we actually say to a person. Whilst a huge 55% is based only on how you look. So if you want your new boss or colleagues to know that you're sophisticated and reliable, you better look it. If you want those School Mum's at the gate to think you're fun and caring, you best look it.

A well-managed image can open up so many opportunities for you, whether this is in your professional or personal life. Consider a first date, you want that person to be attracted to you. Not just your looks (but obvs we want to look hawt) but your personality too. You want to show off your authentic self. We should be applying this to every day to get what we want. So with the help of an Image Consultant, they can unlock all this potential. By working with you to identify what you want your style to be and to say, and how to put all this together in an outfit.

Feel confident in your own body and style

So, we've touched on finding a style that suits you. You also need to feel comfortable and confident in this style. An Image Consultant can assess your body shape, line, and scale. By knowing these three little things an Image Consultant can show you exactly what to wear that will be most flattering on you.

It can be such a struggle when you see a few items you like in a shop. You grab them and rush to the changing room. Next thing you know, you're staring at your reflection thinking "um, why does this look so bad on me?" Once you have expert advice from an Image Consultant, you'll no longer have this issue. You'll know exactly what styles and fits are going to work for you. Think of all that time you'll save!

An Image Consultant can also work with you to help with any figure difficulties you may have. I am all about body confidence and self-love. But, from first-hand experience that is a long old journey and does not happen overnight. Now, style isn't a quick fix for deeper issues. But, imagine being able to dress so that those little insecurities are hidden away! Say goodbye to that postpartum pooch, bingo wings, stretch marks. You name it, an Image Consultant can hide it. It's all about learning the little tricks of creating an outfit that will move the attention away from any insecurities you have. Once you're feeling confident in your outfit, it will make that journey to body positivity a lot easier.

The lifelong gift of easy style

We've all had a good shopping spree. It feels amazing at the time to buy all these fabulous new clothes. You feel giddy and excited off that purchasing adrenaline. Tell me though, how many of those clothes do you wear? Or still, own?

Did you know you only wear 20% of your wardrobe?

Hiring an Image Consultant is the opposite of spending all that money on a shopping spree. You're going to be making a life long investment into a style. You'll find what feels true to you, fits your lifestyle, and gives your wardrobe longevity. Meaning you can wear 100% of all your clothes.

An Image Consultant not only understands how to dress for your body but will take the time to get to know you. Find out what you like and what you need from your wardrobe. So, by working with an Image Consultant you will be saving so much money in the long run. Think about how much you could save on clothes by only buying the right styles. Styles that you know you're going to get a lot of wear out of. And enjoy wearing!

You also save a lot of time by working with an Image Consultant. Once you've had that expert advice you'll know how to create flawless outfits each day. And, you'll know how to shop quickly and efficiently. How nice would it feel not to dread heading to the shops or getting that dressing room anxiety?

Hiring an Image Consultant is the best investment you can make, not just in your wardrobe, but in your life.

Every single person should feel confident and beautiful every day. If you're reading this, you should feel confident. You should feel beautiful. Does your wardrobe help you achieve that? If not maybe it's time to have a chat with an Image Consultant. I'll just leave my contact details here...

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