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What face shape do I have?

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

It's time to put your best face forward. I'm sure most of us want to look our best, and that doesn't just stop with the clothes we wear, but also how our beautiful faces look. Everything from your hairstyle to the types of glasses and earrings you wear will affect your face overall. Just like with our bodies, we want to show the proportions of our faces in the best way. So, just read on to find out what face shape you have and how to look gorgeous every day.



Diamond face shapes have angular bone structure, a small forehead with wider cheekbones and a narrow pointed chin.

To balance out the smaller forehead and chin you want to create fullness with the hair at these two points, such as a full fringe and a bob. If you wear earrings with some width this will offset the narrow chin. Glasses should be no wider than your cheekbones and avoid anything with decorative side pieces.


This is a long face shape, with angular contours. The forehead may be slightly wider than your chin. As the face is long you don't want to create any height with your hair as this will elongate the shape even more.

A full fringe will help to shorten the face, or you could try an off-centre parting. You want to avoid having very long, straight hair, or a very short hairstyle. When it comes to glasses, the frames should be wider than the widest part of your face, and wearing wider earrings will help create width in the face.


A square face shape is quite symmetrical and the length and width of the face are roughly equal. Bone structure can be heavy, with angular bone structure and a broad jawline.

By adding height and volume of your hair above the temples this will help to lengthen out the face and lessen the broad jaw. Make sure your hair does not end in line with the jaw and this will draw focus to the wider part of the face. Soft earrings like a hoop or thin rectangle will also help to add some length to your face. Frames on your glasses should be no wider than the widest part of your face. You could try looking for frames that have some colour at the top, or down the side which would create a vertical line.

Inverted Triangle and Heart

Now, these two face shapes are quite similar. Both have a wide forehead and temples with a narrow chin.

However the inverted triangle shape has angular bone structure and straight lines, whilst the heart shape has curved contoured lines and may have a widow's peak.

For both shapes, the hair should have some fullness at the chin to balance off the broader forehead, and an off-centre parting will also help to soften the forehead. Wider earrings will help to create width at the chin, and glasses frames should be no wider than the temples.

Triangle and Pear

Again, these face shapes have a lot of similarities. The forehead will be narrow with a heavier jawline.

The triangular shape will have straight lines with angular bone structure whilst the pear shape has contoured lines and often full cheeks.

Your hairstyle should not finish at the jawline and having a fringe will help to balance out the fullness of the cheeks for the pear shape. You could try layers in your hairstyle to create texture and interest, and it's best to create some height and width at the temples. Make sure earrings don't finish in line with the jaw and stud earrings could be a great option for you. Glasses frames should be as wide (but no wider) than the jawline. If you can find frames that increase in width at the top, this will help to make the forehead appear slightly wider and lessen the width of the jaw. Or, you could look for frames with rimless bottoms.


This face shape long with a gently rounded chin. The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are roughly as wide as each other. You don't want to add any height with the hair as this will add even more length to the face shape.

You could try a fringe to shorten the face, but make sure to keep it wispy. Or, an off-centre parting will work really well. Soft layered styles will look lovely and you can add some width at the temples or the cheekbones. You can try shorter hairstyles but nothing too extreme, and long hair should have some width created at the neckline. Wider earrings will help make the face seem shorter and glasses should be wider than the widest part of the face.


Now, if you have an oval face shape there's just one thing you need to know... It's often described as the perfect face shape!

It is a very rare face shape, so for you lucky few the face is very symmetrical with strong bone structure and angular contours. It is well balanced and proportioned and the length is slightly longer than the width.

Your hairstyle should simply act as a frame so don't opt for any big hairstyles that will detract from this perfectly balanced face. It's better to create a bit more width with your hair than height. Most styles of earrings will suit you but avoid anything too long. The width of your glasses should be the same width as your cheeks, or slightly wider.


Last but not least, a round face is quite symmetrical with the width and length roughly the same. The forehead and chin are both small, and the cheeks are full and the widest part of the face.

You should wear some hair on the side of the face to help disguise the width, like a long diagonal side parting. You definitely want to avoid wearing the hair scraped back or any very short styles. You could try oval or hoop earrings as these will help to elongate, soften and balance out your features. Look for glasses with upward swept styles or rimless.

And, there you have it. Everything you need to know to identify what face shape you have! Our style shouldn't end at the neckline and it's great to make sure the attention is always drawn to your face, so you can show off that beautiful smile of yours.

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