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What Christmas Party Outfit Should I Wear? | Confident Stylings

It's December. The festive season is officially upon us and I've been waiting so patiently to start celebrating and talking all things Christmas!

For many of you the dreaded work Christmas party is probably lurking around the corner. Or, maybe you're excited about that festive night out with your best chums. Either way you're going to want to look amazing and stylish. Don't worry, I've got you covered with the best party outfits you'll ever need.

The Sequined/ Glitter Dress

For me, the absolute classic Christmas party look is something glittery and with sequins. This is such an easy and hassle free outfit to go for as the sequins are the main event. Meaning you can go more low key on the accessories, and my favourite part - you can wear whatever colour you want. As the sequins / glitter are what make this look festive it really doesn't matter what colour the dress is in. You can opt for a more traditional Christmas colour, like red or green, or if you want to stick to neutrals or classic black, it's still going to look fabulous. This means you can rock a Christmas look and still stay true to your natural coulourings.

Style wise, Pears and Hourglasses could rock a skater dress, whilst Apples and Straights could opt for an Empire line dress or a well fitted shift dress. Empire lines also look wonderful on Inverted Triangles or you could try a wrap dress or a halter neck. Just remember Inverted Triangles to keep to a Bias cut.

The Formal One

Perhaps the event your attending is a more formal one, then this is the perfect time to play dress up! You can never go wrong with a maxi dress, although it you are small scale you may want to be careful that you're not going to be swamped by loads of material so remember to keep the fabric light. Pears can have some vintage fun and try a 1950's style dress as this is going to flatter you wonderfully. Remember to avoid anything sleeveless and for a touch of class you could add a little bolero jacket or shrug, which will help to balance out your narrow shoulders. Straights you have the freedom to explore whichever formal dress you like, but try and keep the fabric stiffer and opt for something that skims.

Hourglasses remember that your dresses always need to have some shaping to them and with a fuller skirt and, like Apples and Inverted Triangles, all could try a nice empire line dress. Skim not cling ladies, skim not cling. Again for Inverted Triangles, this is a time to go all out so go for that lovely Halter neck. If not at Christmas, when?

If you'd rather stick to classic colours with your formal wear rather than something festive remember, only Winters can work a Black dress. Summers your version is Navy, Autumns can work a lovely Chocolate Brown and Springs can try Camel or Buff.

The 'Not a Dress' Dress

"But what about people who don't like to wear dresses?" I hear you ask. Don't worry, I never leave anyone out. Trousers and top combo can be an effortlessly chic party outfit. For Pear shapes, the aim is to keep the interest above the bust and draw attention away from your wider hips. You could try something sparkly on top, or add on a cute bolero jacket. You can also get creative with some jewelry and design this around the neckline to keep attention here. Don't forget that tops must end at the hip bone, and if going for a blazer you want something double breasted and shorter. You can also rock a wide leg trouser. I adore wide leg trousers. Now, for Apples you want tops to drop in a straight line - Empire tops can be a great option here. You could also try something with an unusual cut, like an asymmetric top. Don't be afraid to emphasise the bust and go for a sweetheart neckline. For trousers these should fall straight from the thigh and be flat fronted so you could try well fitting peg trousers. If they fasten at the side, or have a draw string waist, even better!

Hourglasses, like Apples, you can try showing off the bust more so can try necklines like sweetheart, V, scoop or square. If you want to try a blazer of jacket make sure you look for a single breasted jacket with at least 2 buttons. Single buttons can gape at chest. Like Apples, you want to look for a side zip and flat front trousers. Most importantly, do not forget to emphasise the waist.

Inverted Triangles and Straight shapes, you want to keep it more structured and crisp. Inverted Triangles can also get away with showing off more of the bust. Keep the straps wider or try something with interesting sleeves or cuffs to draw attention away from the wider top half. Straights, you want to define the shoulder line. Something like a smock top can work really well and remember not t keep the tops too short. For both Inverted Triangles and Straights, on the bottom half you want to stick to a bootcut or straight cut trousers.

So, there you have it. My breakdown on the best Christmas party outfits. This is a time to have fun and feel fabulous, so go ahead and add that little bit of sparkle. Tis the season!

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