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Wardrobe basics everyone needs

There are hundreds of articles and blogs telling us we need the same old wardrobe staples. The little black dress, a crisp white shirt, etc. But, what if these items don't actually suit us? Not everyone can wear black, and only certain body shapes can pull off a nice crispy shirt. So, here are the wardrobe basics you really do need.

Decent Underwear

Outfits start with underwear, I hope. It's all too easy to throw on some old knickers and a bra, but are these actually working for you? We want the correct fit in both of these garments, otherwise it's going to ruin the line under your beautiful outfit. Wearing too small knickers can cause visible pant line, and the wrong sized bra can throw up all kinds of issues from back rolls to the four boob effect (if the cup is too small and boobs are falling out).

You should also feel good in your underwear. Obviously wearing the right sizing and style will feel more comfortable for you, but also wearing something more flattering or 'pretty' can feel nice. Underwear needs to be functional but it can be nice to know that under your gorgeous outfit is even more gorgeousness. We're working the outfit from inside out here people. It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive or sexy, but it should feel good and work under what you are wearing. There are a variety of styles to choose from when it comes to underwear, so try out what you like best. Also check out my previous blog post where I break down the different styles or both knickers and bras here: http://bit.ly/2ZqQBZ3 and here: http://bit.ly/2ZklBK9

Shoes that fit your lifestyle

There is absolutely no point in having skyscraper heels if you can’t even walk in them. Personally I’m walking around a lot, so my shoes need to be functional which is why I’m obsessed with a cool trainer. You need to find the shoe that will be comfortable and practical for your lifestyle.

If you want to add height or elongate the appearance of your legs but can't walk in heels then opt for a shoe that tones with your hemline colour as this will create length. Also, wearing more simple shoes that don't detract the attention from your face will prevent legs from looking shorter. Anything with too much detail and the attention will be brought to the feet giving the illusion of short legs.

Something special

Not everyone is going to suit a little black dress. Some of us don’t suit the colour black. Some of us won't suit, or wish to wear, dresses. And, some of us definitely don’t fancy anything little. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a special outfit that we feel all dressed up and ready to hit the town in. Whether that be a mini dress, maxi dress, jumpsuit or trouser suit etc.

Focusing on dresses if you are a Pear shape then something with more of a 1950's style is going to suit you best, or an A-line skirt. For hourglasses you definitely want something with a fitted waist to show off those curves, and a lower neckline will look great. Apple shapes can look fabulous in an empire line dress or a well fitting shift dress. Those with an Inverted Triangle shape can rock anything with a bias cut, and something with a plunging neckline or halter neck will look wonderful. Lastly, those who have a more straight shape can really go to town on an amazing trouser suit as will suit a more 'mannish' cut, but if you want to go down the dress route a good shift dress will always work it's magic.

A great pair of trousers

Trousers can be a really versatile piece, especially if they are in a neutral colour. Whether it’s jeans, culottes, chinos etc, you can create an outfit around them. You can dress up with a fancy top and shoes, or dress down with trainers and a t-shirt.

Having such a versatile piece makes it easier to create outfits. If you have one great item you can grab and go, play around with, and build new outfits around.

There is also a style of trouser out there for everyone. Straight and Inverted Triangle shapes can work a boot or straight cut. Hourglass shapes need to opt for trousers that are flat fronted, possibly with a side zip, to create as little fuss around the middle as possible. Something high waisted and fitted, again, will show off those curves. Pear shapes will also benefit from a flat front trouser but with a slightly dropped waist, and wider legged trousers will look great. Then, Apple shapes again will benefit from flat front trousers but can also go for something with an elasticated or drawstring waist. They also need to make sure that the trousers fall straight from the thigh.

So, there you have some actually useful wardrobe staples to bear in mind. If you get your hands on some of these items you can start to create beautiful and wonderful outfits around these and that you will look and feel amazing in.

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