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Top Three Tips for Personal Style | Confident Stylings

One thing I like to tell my clients is that "you have to know the rules to break them". When I first started training as an Image Consultant I felt somewhat conflicted between what I was learning about how I, personally, should be dressing, and by what I actually liked wearing.

I live for black. I struggle to pick out the clothes I want to wear each day because the black blends in with the rest of the black. So, when I learnt that I was (technically) a Summer and black was not for me, well, let's just say those were dark times. Though not black times, apparently.

Eventually I chose to claim my life back (here's hoping you realise I am joking around here). I chose to take the back black. I realised that, whilst from a professional stand point I don't tend to wear the right colours, I wear what I feel good in. To me, that's the most important aspect of style - finding what you feel fabulous in.

Push through your comfort zone

With that being said, I do think it's important to push through your comfort zone. I'm very much aware that I rely on black as my safety net. Whilst, I want you to feel amazing, sometimes it's worth taking a risk. It's all too easy to become a lazy dresser and this can be the root of people's problems when it comes to style. I've had clients who are stuck in a rut. They pull out the same fail safe outfits every day, which eventually can bring you down and make you lack confidence.

Your clothes should excite you. We should all be able to make the start of the day that little bit better by looking and feeling amazing. Sometimes, this comes from feeling daring, brave, but perhaps a little uncomfortable (at first). I've challenged myself this year to brighten up my wardrobe. Now, don't you go thinking Ill be getting rid of any of the black. Oh no! But, I think it's good for me to feel a little uncomfortable in some brighter colours. Soon enough I know I'll be strutting out my door in shocking pink and feeling fine.

Don't limit yourself

I think this is something I struggled with for a while. I used to think you had to stick to one style, and so would deny myself certain garments because I didn't feel they fitted with the style I had assigned myself. Which, when I write this down sounds even more ludicrous. We, as human beings, are fascinating creatures. Multi faceted, with many layers to our personalities.

So, why would we dress one dimensionally? Some days I feel more grunge, other days I feel like being pretty and dressy. Just because you generally prefer to dress casual and rock a cool Tee and Jean combo most days, does not mean you shouldn't buy that frilly, utterly ridiculous but gorgeous frock. Rock the frock!

Find your Fabulous If you are at a loss as to what to wear, I honestly can't recommend seeking professional help enough. It may seem trivial to worry about your clothes and style, but we underestimate what a big impact this can have on ourselves and confidence. Just think about it, how much better would you perform at work one day if you had left the house that morning feeling fabulous and confident?

It is well worth the money when it can make such a difference to your life. Plus think of all the money you save when you no longer buy the wrong sorts of clothes which are doomed for a life in the back of your wardrobe. Whether you need to have a colour analysis or a personal shopper, or just learn more about your personal style, finding your fabulous is so important. No one should feel drab in the clothes they wear. Experiment, go and try on ridiculous clothes you would never normally pick up. You never know, you may surprise yourself.

So, there you have it. My ultimate top 3 style tips. These are perhaps a little unorthodox but I stand by them. Life's too short not to feel good about yourself and if that means changing the way you dress then go for it. We're all allowed to have a little joy in our lives and personal style can be such a fascinating and fun area to explore.

Treat yourself in 2019. And, don't forget if you are thinking about booking style advice, there is a 20% sale on all my services until 25th January 2019!

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