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Three Ways to Wear Summer Fashion 2020 Whilst Covering your Legs

The warm weather has finally hit us and I feel like we're into Summer now. We now may be getting out our old summer wardrobes, or even thinking about making a couple of new purchases. If you want to rock the summer trends, but also still want to keep those legs covered, then I've got some great tips for you.

We all have insecurities, and a big one tends to be legs. The beauty of style is that we can adapt outfits so that we are enhancing our best features. We can then always disguise the parts of our bodies we're not so comfortable with.

I've always preferred keeping my legs more covered in Summer. For one, I don't want sun damage. Also, I ain't a fan of the chub rub! Whatever reasons you have I've got you covered (covered, get it? like covered up!).

Wrapped ankles

Right, the first trend we're looking at today is the 'wrapped ankle' lewk. This one is perfect for those shy legs as you can wear with long trousers, and tye the straps of your sandals around your trouser leg. Obviously, for this trend, you'll need a pair of sandals with some long straps you can tie up. If you're in a very warm climate look for some loose, linen trousers to wear for this look.

Or, any other nice breathable material. If you're pear or hourglass-shaped you will want to find some flat fronted trousers. And have minimal fuss or details around the waist. Another key thing to remember is that as the wrapped ankle is creating a focal point. As it's the statement of this outfit, it may make legs appear shorter as the eye is being drawn down towards the feet. So, this is something to bear in mind.

This look could be quite versatile depending on the style of trousers you pick, e.g peg, wide, etc. You could even dress it up with matching trousers and blazer for an evening look.

Sheer Layers

One trend we're seeing this summer is sheer layers. This can be a fun way to spruce up an outfit and add a new dimension to it. Again this is perfect for covering the legs. Look for a sheer dress, skirt or a long sheer top, and wear over a great pair of slim-fit trousers, jeans or leggings. Don't forget a top underneath to keep the ladies covered! This allows you to feel more covered up but can still play around with this trend. I love this look as it can bring an edge to a more feminine outfit.

Some things to take into account here are that if you do have shorter legs be wary of wearing a long top. This will lengthen the upper body and shorten the legs, so best to go for a dress or skirt option. Alternatively, if you have long legs that a long top will be perfect for you. Empire line dresses and tops will work well on Apple and Inverted Triangle shapes. Hourglasses need to make sure there is some shaping around the waist, even if you're just cinching in a baggier garment with a belt. Straight shapes could look for a lovely shift dress to wear over the bottoms. This is a great chance to play around with colour. You could even go for a monochromatic outfit. This will create a beautiful contrast between the sheer fabrics and the denser ones.

Denim Jumpsuits

The last look we're looking (heh heh) at today is the denim jumpsuit. A favourite of mine because it screams 80's vintage and I adore an 80's aesthetic. And, also because jumpsuits are the gift that keeps on giving. Jumpsuits are versatile, so you can dress them up with a more formal one and heels. Or dress down with flip flops to head to the beach. You don't have to think about matching a top and bottoms but don't have the same issues as dresses. Like the aforementioned chub rub or an unexpected gust of wind!

So, how to make the denim jumpsuit work for you? I wanted to reference this style because it is a slightly harder one to tackle but such a great look. Those with straight shapes, you got this. Your amazing body will look good in a denim jumpsuit, so I'm sorry but I'm not going to spend too much time on you today! Now, those with an Inverted Triangle shape. The stiffness of the denim fabric will work in your favour, but be careful that it's not tight across the shoulders, or swamping the hips. A fun look for you is to find a more bell-bottomed jumpsuit. Or, something with more detail around the bottoms. This will keep the attention away from the broader shoulder line. If you can find a button-up jumpsuit, even better! You can keep a couple of buttons undone at the top to create more of a plunging neckline.

This brings me on to my hourglass shapes, again your jumpsuit needs to have a lower cut neckline. Denim can be a trickier fabric for you as it doesn't leave a lot of room to bend over those gorgeous curves. If you can look for a softer denim fabric, even

something with a belt around the waist to show off the figure. Pear shapes, you'll also need to look for a softer denim, and something with detail around the shoulder line. This will draw attention away from the wider hips. Why not try adding in your own detail with some fun accessories, or a light scarf, or even a little bolero jacket. Lastly, those with an apple shape I'd advise wearing something over the top of your jumpsuit, like a kimono or open shirt. This will help to create a vertical line down the middle and elongate and slim out the body . You could look for something with a little detail around the shoulder line. This will help to bring the attention up to your face and away from the middle.

Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration to try out some new looks and outfits this summer. Whilst still feeling comfortable.

Do remember that trends are never here to stay. Only buy new items if you're going to love and cherish this style for a long time. We want to cultivate wardrobes that will last us many years and works with our style and life!

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