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The Simple Guide to Stylish Wardrobe Basics | Confident Stylings

We all want a stylish wardrobe right? But, how many of us see an elegant and stylish lady walking down the street and wonder how does she do it? Where do I even start to get a look like that? Let me tell you now, like a strong house a good wardrobe is built on solid foundations. We've got to get those basics in check. This way we're going to have a much more coordinated and streamlined wardrobe. This means more outfit options and easier ways of putting together a super stylish lewk.

I don't know about you but I am so bored of the same old "wardrobe basics everyone needs". Like the little black dress and crisp white shirts. I'm over it, and half these garments don't suit everyone. So, here's a simple guide to the basics that are actually going to work for you to get you looking your most stylish and fabulous self.

stylish woman in black blazer with cool bob haircut

Layers for days

A great basic is a great base layer, Mama. Layering is not only a great way to keep your look more cosy in the Autumn and Winter months. But, is also a fabulous way of getting your outfit to look effortlessly stylish.

Include some gorgeous neutral tops that you can use as a base layer to any outfit. Keeping the colour neutral will mean that these work with ANYTHING in your wardrobe. So, you can easily mix and match. It will mean creating outfits becomes much easier as you'll have a starting point to work from to give you inspiration.

stylish woman wearing jeans sunglasses and a blazer sitting down

To build on a neutral top you could throw on a blazer for a more structured and chic look. A neck scarf or pashmina for a bit of flair. Or just an oversized cardigan for a bit of cosy knitwear. The outer layers can be in more fun and playful colours to add some interest to your outfit. This can also be a great way to utilise the column of colour. You'll keep the top and bottoms the same colour to elongate the look of your body. Then throw on a different colour over the top.

Basic tops are also perfect for a bit of added modesty if you have any garments that show off a little too much cleavage for your liking, or are in a more sheer fabric. A top tip to remember is that the bottom layer of an outfit should be the tightest and then outer layers can be looser. This helps to avoid adding too much bulk to an outfit.

The Perfect Jeans

This may seem like an obvious one. I mean, who doesn't have a pair of jeans right? BUT, are they the perfect pair? I'm talking about the pair that fits you like a glove. That works with, if not all, most of your clothes.

I'm not going to tell you what style to get. Each style of jeans will suit different body types and proportions. It's also a personal preference. So for me, I'm an hourglass with short legs. That means I prefer a more relaxed fit with a high waist. It's about finding the style and fit that works for you. One of the biggest secrets when it comes to looking flawless and stylish is having a well-fitting garment. Now, I know how frustrating trying to find a pair of trousers or jeans that fit you can be. I actually have a blog post all about how to find trousers that fit which you can read here.

stylish woman wearing perfect jeans and heels sitting down

It may take a little time to find a great pair and I would advise looking for something at the higher end of your budget. By spending more on jeans you're going to be getting much better quality which will last you longer. It will be easier to find a good fit as these are more likely to have more tailoring to them. Rather than that £20 pair, you grab in any old shop. Don't forget the cost per wear of your jeans. This is how much you initially spend divided by the number of times you wear them. So, if you're getting an amazing pair that fit you beautifully, these are going to become the staple of any outfit. You're going to get so much wear out of them. A very good return on your investment.

Jeans can be so versatile as well. Dress them up with heels or boots. Dress them down with trainers for when you're on the go. Give them a grungy look with chunky boots or Doc Martens for when you're feeling badass. The world is your jean oyster.

Accessorise up your life

Now, you may not think of accessories as being a basic. They're an add on right? I'll let you in on a little secret. Accessories are going to level your outfit up and should be worn with every outfit if you want to cultivate that uber stylish look. Therefore I'm categorising them as a basic to have on hand.

You don't need tons and tons of jewellery, just a few key pieces that you love. Again, I would advise spending a little more on jewellery. If you get some great quality pieces these will also last you a long time as they're less likely to tarnish.

Keep things simple with finding a great necklace, maybe a bracelet, and then a couple of rings and earrings. You don't need to have different jewellery on every day, find some pieces you love and suit you well.

stylish woman wearing beautiful jewellery

Other accessories to focus on and have in your wardrobe are a great belt, a couple of nice scarfs, and if you feel daring maybe a great hat. Hats for me are what seal the deal when it comes to looking truly stylish, but I know they're not for everyone. Again, you don't need loads of different accessories, a couple will do.

Adding accessories into your outfit elevates the look and gives you that stylish vibe. It shows you've taken time to consider what to wear (when really you haven't, because you're grabbing what's on hand you sly dog). They help you to achieve the rule of three. So, taking that neutral top and perfect pair of jeans. Awesome you have a perfectly good, functional, and well fitting outfit there. But you want style points right? Add in that third item. A beautiful scarf, an edgy belt, or your beautiful jewellery items. Everything looks much more put together. And, how easy too. Dressing in the mornings now takes you all of ten minutes and you've looked more stylish than ever!

If you'd like to learn more about the styles that work for you, you can check out my style services here and book in for your free taster session!

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