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Spring Outfit Guide For Mums | Confident Stylings

It's the perfect time to start dusting off those florals and getting your Spring wardrobe ready for those warmer days. I know you though. You don't want to be throwing on any old t-shirt and jeans. You want to be to looking stylish and fabulous as we move into a new season. BUT, you need these outfits to be easy, comfortable, and quick to put together. You're a busy Mum, you've not got time to be faffing around in the mornings!

So, here is a quick little guide for you, with some fantastic outfit ideas to keep a spring in your step.

The Minimal "Wipe down" Look

Sticky hands. Spit up. Bit of dribble. Your clothes see it all. You want to look flawless and stylish but can't have the hassle of too many items getting dirty. Or, any nice materials being ruined!

Being stylish doesn't have to mean amazing fabrics and prints, or interesting details. In fact, some of the most stylish outfits are super minimal and low-key. This season, wide-leg trousers are very in. These can be a great alternative to your usual jeans. And, a fun way to play with something more stylish and eye-catching, whilst keeping it easy and simple. You could pair this with a simple cotton t-shirt, tucked in at the waist. And a light cardigan for milder weather. If you're feeling fancier, you could throw on a faux leather jacket over the top as this material is very easy to wipe clean. Stick to more synthetic fabrics as these tend to be easier to clean and can survive more trips into the washing machine. Trainers can look great with wide-leg trousers. As the weather gets nice you can swap these out for your favourite pair of sandals.

You may want to opt for darker colours as these tend to hide any stains better. Or go for a nice pattern or print as this won't only look good but can also hide any tell-tale marks. As it is Spring you can never go wrong with a good floral print!

The Comfortable and Chic One

Would you believe me if I told you hoodies were in this season? Well, I would never lie to you and I have it on good authority by Vouge that hoodies were seen all over the Prada catwalks this year.

For warmer days, why not try a sleeveless hoodie with some nice pieces of jewellery to add that touch of chic. For bottoms, a great pair of jeans will look fab with this and give you a casual but stylish vibe. Or, if you want something a bit more fun and flirty for Spring, why not try a pleated skirt. This would be a great twist on this look and create a nice juxtaposition to the hoodie, meaning bonus style points! We want to keep it comfortable so for shoes go with your favourite pair, as anything would work great with this outfit. Trainers will keep it more casual but if you want to go for a more chic look you could try brogues or little booties.

The Maxi Dress Maxi dresses are always in style for Spring and Summer so these can be a great piece to invest in. And, they're so easy to wear. A dress means you don't have the hassle of needing to coordinate your tops and bottoms. And, a nice floaty dress can hide a multitude of sins and help you to feel covered up.

Do be aware of your scale though. If you're more petite you may be better with a midi dress as a maxi may swamp a smaller frame. Again, you can easily throw on a cardigan or a light jacket with this look. Find a nice, comfortable pair of sandals and some nice jewellery for a "put-together" outfit.

If you're breastfeeding, look for a strapless dress. This way you can pull it down for easy access. On warmer days you could keep a scarf in your bag for a cover-up whilst feeding if needed.

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