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Should I wear 2019 Summer Trends? | Confident Stylings

We're very slowly creeping into summer and we're being treated to a scorcher this weekend. To get you all primed and ready for summer here are some of the trends you'll be seeing this year, and best of all my advice on how you can make these work for you.

The Minimal Strappy Sandal

A sandal is a very obvious choice for summer but this year it's taking on a nice simple, refined, look. No chunky platform sandals here please.

Now, this look is going to be super easy and perfect for those with a small scale as you want to be choosing more dainty and light footwear anyway. For those of a larger scale, or anyone with a particularly heavy leg this trend may not be the best option for you as you're going to need a shoe with a bit more substance.

You could try incorporating this look in to your wardrobe by finding a shoe with a medium thick heel. It's probably best to avoid the strap but something like a slingback could work, just avoid cutting off the length of your leg if you have heavier calves. If you're larger scale and tall with a leaner leg a strap could still work for you just avoid anything too delicate. Look for a sandal that maybe has a chunkier fastening or buckle to it.

Overall this look will be great as something simple on your feet is not going to draw attention away from your beautiful face. Just remember to keep the sandal colour darker or in line with your hemline colour.

Parairie Dresses

This is such a fun trend for summer and will definitely work well on a straight or apple shape. Just make sure you're looking for one with more a shift finish at that this fits you nicely. For straight shapes you may need to make sure you're choosing one in a slightly heavier or stiffer fabric, and just avoid anything too flowy.

For hourglass and pear shapes you need to make sure you're choosing one that has a slight more fit to it. It will definitely need to have some waist detail, with a tighter top half and looser skirt.

Inverted triangles, you will need to look for one that has more of a bias cut skirt and a lower neckline.

Fabric choice will be important here. If you are small scale definitely find one with a lighter fabric, especially if you are short. A full length dress may overwhelm you. Medium to larger scales will need to look for something with a heavier fabric. Your bodyline will determine how stiff or soft the fabric needs to be.

Boiler Suits

If you want to try this trend it could cause a few problems. Unless you have a straight bodyline, or a straight bodyshape, then go, go, go for it!

For hourglasses if you can find one with a slightly softer fabric and that is either tighter around the waist or could be cinched in with a belt.

Pear shapes will want to avoid anything with too much bulkiness around the bottom and the legs. You could look for one that has some interesting detailing on the top or some fun sleeves to draw the eye up. Alternatively if you found a cool jacket, maybe even with some shoulder pads, then this could be an option for you.

Apples and inverted triangles may want to sit this style out, but if you love them and feel great in them anyway then go right ahead.

Tie Dye

I know, it's making a comeback! This will be a really great and fun look for summer and best of all, it's probably going to suit anyone.

Just look for the colours that will fit in with your season and colour palette. Those with a small scale will probably want to go for a more subtle look as too much colour or anything too bright may overwhelm you. Those with a medium to large scale can go bold or go home.

One thing to remember here is your bodyline, tie dye traditionally will work great for those with a curved or combination line as it has a natural curve in the colour. Straighter bodylines just need to be more aware of how it is sitting on the body. One option could be to have accessories with a tie dye look or effect.

Just remember that this pattern will be a focal point so attention will be drawn to wherever this is sitting on the body.

Puffed Sleeves

I'm not sure how I feel about this last trend, but again it could be a fun and flirty look for summer.

This trend will work wonderfully for pear shapes as it's going to draw the attention away from the hips and a puffed sleeve will add some width to the shoulder line. Hourglasses could also have a go with this look, just be careful it's not going to off balance, well...the balance of your hips and shoulder line. Again for apple shapes this trend will draw the eye up and away from your middle.

However, for this reason it's going to be a slight struggle for inverted triangle shapes. One option though could be to look for fun or puffed style sleeves but on a longer sleeve so that it is away from the shoulder and bust area.

It could also be a little tricky for those with a straight body shape as it's probably going to add too much of a curve, especially if you have more of an angular face shape too. An alternative to this is to maybe look for something that has more of a pointed shoulder pad as an homage to the trend.

So, that is just a little low down on some of the trends you will be seeing this season and I do hope this has given you some inspiration on how you can try this out. As always, prioritise what is going to work for you and what you feel good in. Trends come and go so don't waste that hard earned on money on something you're not going to love for a long time.

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