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Shopping on a Budget: How to

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

I'm going through a change at the moment. I'm not sure why, but what I am sure about is that I now feel a lot of my clothes no longer reflect who I am. As a result I feel the need for a whole wardrobe revamp but, sadly, no one has deposited an unthinkably large some of money into my bank account.

Whether you're feeling like me, or you just need to update your wardrobe to reflect the changing seasons, it's difficult to part with your hard earned money. We've probably all had those moments of seeing an item and thinking "it's perfect, I'll take it", and then see the price tag and immediately put it back on the rail.

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Fear not though for here are some of my best tips for saving some dollar on your next shopping trip.


Now, it may take a little patience and some careful searching, but you can find some absolute bargains on Ebay. One of my favourite things, like with all online shopping, is being able to filter away until your hearts content. Narrowing down your search is going to make things so much easier when you have an idea in mind of what you are looking for. Being shown exactly the size, colour, style and fabric you want. Ebay doesn't necessarily mean having to have second hand items, although this can be a great way of finding higher end items at a low end cost, "Hi second hand Chanel"! There are so many great sellers and shops on Ebay now, selling new items for a very reasonably price. Just make sure you carefully read the description and are happy with the material and size guide. I've had the misfortune of quickly seeing and paying for something only to realise the material is cheap...and looked cheap on.

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Sales and Outlet Shopping

I'd say a good 90% of my shopping consists of looking in the sales these days. Most shops seem to have a sale on regardless of what time year, so no more waiting for the January sales. Likewise, visiting an Outlet store can be a great option. Wearing the right clothes doesn't mean wearing the latest fashion trends, it means wearing what fits and suits you. You may notice a theme here, but shopping online can make sales shopping so much easier (I love shopping online, you can't make me leave my house, no I'm not a recluse...I'm not). I'm telling you it's all about the filtering. You don't have to rifle through endless rails of mismatched sale items in store, desperately trying to find your size. Why would you put yourself through that?

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If you're able to be organised, a bit of forward planning doesn't go a miss. I have an important wedding to attend next summer and I've been looking through this year's summer sale items for the perfect dress. You wouldn't believe the gorgeous dresses I've found for £15. Yes, £15.

Avoid trends and think cost per wear

So, this might be more about saving money in the long run but it's important to remember to buy the right outfits. Even with the money saving tips you don't want to find your wasting money by continuously buying the wrong types of clothes for you. Not only will this leave you broke but going into your wardrobe every day feeling like you have nothing to wear is just plain depressing and frustrating. As I've said, it's so important to dress in the way that's right for you and not seek out the latest fashion trends and styles. Also, when buying an item think about the cost per wear. Ok, those jeans are coming in at £50, but how often are you going to wear them? Every other day? That's a lot of wear for your money. Trying to skim money by buying something either not quite right or in a cheaper material could end out costing you more. Let's be honest, how long do you think those £20 jeans will last compared to the £50 ones? At times investment pieces can be key in saving you money. Just make sure you really love it and it is still within your budget.

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Charity Shopping

Much like Ebay, if you have the time you can really grab a bargain. For my fellow recluses, most charity shops even have online sites you can buy from now. I'm really never leaving the house again. For those of you who are more experienced or confident with your style, you can find great pieces that maybe aren't quite the right fit for you. With some careful styling, or maybe some slight alterations, you could still make that gorgeous, but too large, blouse work. I'd advise sticking to tops with this though. Trying to squeeze into too small trousers or attempt to belt up, what are essentially, clown trousers will never work.

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If you're able to charity shop in a 'posher' neighborhood you may even be in luck with finding more high end label pieces. Oh, there goes that second hand Chanel again.

These tips aren't rocket science but small changes can have a big impact. Just by being more conscientious about how and wear you shop could save a lot of old pennies. And I do hope you know what they say about looking after those pennies.

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