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Outfit Of The Day - My style explained | Confident Stylings

This week I wanted to share how I dress for myself when focusing on my colours, shape, and proportions. So, I'd like to introduce myself as a Small, Hourglass, Summer. However, I am breaking all the rules and it just feels so good.

I tend not to wear Summer colours, as I prefer and feel happier in more Winter colours. If your familiar with my work you know I advocate that we should wear what makes us happy. Or, you have to know the rules first, to break them. I tend to stick more strictly to the rules when it comes to dressing for my proportions, although with some exceptions. As an Hourglass I mainly want to emphasise my waist and need to avoid wearing anything overly baggy or loose fitting.

Lastly, my small scale frame means any clothing details and designs need to be miminal and small in size, otherwise these details can overwhelm me. So, without further ado, here is my outfit of the day.

Top As you can see, I've opted for a crop top with a kimono as an additional layer. The crop top is tighter fitting and, as it's cropped, shows off my waist. The small pearl detailing adds some interest, whilst conforming to the 'small' rule.

I love adding layers to outfits, and this Kimono has been my best find this year (I know, it's only just February but hey). Having something more floaty over a crop top helps me highlight my curves but without feeling too exposed. Having the kimono left open means it falls over my wider parts but still shows off my shape. This kimono also comes with a belt so if I had opted for more fitted bottoms then I would have belted to cinch in and show off my waist line.


I chose to rock a pair of wide legged, cropped trousers for this outfit, as I felt it added something a little different and gave this look more personality. I also just felt like I wanted to float around all ethereal like that day. One of my go to rules - dress how you feel. There's no shame in that, and will give you the confidence you need.

The high rise on these trousers means that there is minimal skin on show with the crop top, which is good for Winter (for obvious reasons!) However, the attention is still brought up to my waist. The wider legged trousers means the fabric can fall over my fuller hips and thighs without clinging. Always remember, skim not cling. Dressing for an Hourglass shape means softer and looser over curves, whilst fabric can be tighter over the straighter parts of the body.


I opted for some lace up boots to complete this outfit. This meant that there wasn't a huge gap between the end of the cropped trousers and start of the shoe which can help to prevent me looking short(er).

As it was a cold January day I did also wear some black tights underneath for added warmth, but this also helped keep the look sleek. I've kept the shoe the same colour as my hemline (and entire outfit) so as to elongate my body, and not attract too much attention to my feet, which can create the illusion of longer legs. My 5'3 stature needs this added help. I love the toughness to these boots and they're great for when I'm feeling more grunge but they're not too bulky so this ensures I don't overwhelm my small scale.


I live for black and it is not uncommon for me to wear an outfit like this aka black, on black on black with some more black. As I said before, I do tend to break the rules with colour and favour Winter colours. However, I do tend to stick to the more neutral and muted colours. I still need to be careful I don't wash myself out, but as a 'Deep Summer' I feel I can usually get away with this. If you do favour dark, neutral colours or monochromatic outfits you can always spice things up with more colourful accessories. However on this day I was channeling Moritica Adams all the way, and just kept to some simple silver jewellrey.

Here's hoping my outfit has given you some inspiration and a little more insight on how to enhance and disguise your attributes. Don't forget, this can all be made easier by having a colour and style assessment done so you know exactly what you're aiming for.

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