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Large Bust Style Tips | Confident Stylings

I feel that there is very little advice for trying to dress and style a larger bust. And, even less of this advice is actually useful.

I once began to read an article on 'how to look chic with larger boobs' which started out with the author claiming her large boobs were a 34C. A 34C!

As someone who is a 32F, this seemed ludicrous to me. How dare this person pretend to understand the struggle. I'd take a 32C any day and enjoy those beautiful little breasts and how they can quite happily fit into (probably) any item of clothing.

So, today I write this post in the hopes I can pass on some useful wisdom and styling tips for a large bust, from both a professional stylist standpoint and my own struggles of trial and error.

Wear a good bra

Now, this may seem obvious and believe me the number of times I've googled how to dress large boobs and been told I need to wear a bra - yeah go figure. But hear me out.

Most women are wearing the wrong size bra, so make sure you do regularly have a professional fitting or measuring. At least once a year is a good call.

Once you know your correct bra size try out some different styles and brands as these will all fit a little differently (this is something that the assistant should help you with during a fitting). There are a lot of style options out there so find what works best for you. Just because you have the right size, doesn't mean it will necessarily fit you perfectly. For example, I can wear a 32F in a balconette and my boobs will be living their best life, but put me in a 32F plunge cut and we've got some real issues.

As a rule of thumb, the back of the bra should sit horizontally across the back. All breast tissue should be enclosed inside the cup and the wiring should lie flat against the breast bone. The straps should not be digging in, as most support comes from the back of the bra, but make sure they're not to loose and slipping off.

This isn't something I've personally tried (although I'm open to it) but you could always give a minimiser bra a go if you feel this will create a better shape under your chosen garment.

Most importantly know that you are not alone in this struggle. I'm afraid to say it's time to give up the fantasies of wearing a cute little bralette. Keep your eyes down as you walk past the delicate-looking A cups and head straight on for that 3 hooks, wide strap, DD-H section. It's hard, we've all been there and it can sometimes be a miserable experience but we're in this together. Big boob solidarity.

On the bright side, a lot of shops seem to be aware these days that there are a lot of us with a larger bust and so we do have a lot more beautiful options available to us.

Choose the right neckline and Fabric

Once you've got a good base aka a correctly fitting bra, we can move on to actually choosing tops and garments that will work for us.

Most importantly is fabric options. We need to wear fabrics that will work with us, not against us. As breasts are curvy and round (and all wonderful shapes and sizes), you want to look for a material that will move and bend around these curves. So, that means choosing loose, drapey, and softer fabrics. Any fabrics that are too stiff or crips will sit awkwardly on the breasts and make the bust area more obvious and just look a bit, well, off. Softer fabrics like cottons and silks will have a lot more movement to them so will be able to fit around your boobs much more naturally, creating a better shape up top.

Another key thing to consider is the choice of neckline. Having a higher neckline will create a larger block of colour, which can make the bust area appear wider than it already is. It may feel daunting to show off more cleavage, but having a lower neckline will actually improve the appearance of a larger bust. It will help to lessen the width and ensure that breasts look a little perkier. Let's be honest, we could all do with that. Gravity is unkind.

Have you ever worn a high neck top or jumper, only to catch your reflection side on and wonder why your boobs be hanging so low? This is how much of an impact a neckline can have. Now, I enjoy a turtle neck from time to time and it's absolutely fine to wear these sorts of necklines if you want, but just be aware of the effect this can have on the bust.

The devil's in the details

My last little tip is to avoid too many details around the bust. Things like pockets and lapels over the bust will create a focal point. This means that the attention is going to go right to that bust area, which if we're wanting our breasts to look demure will not be helpful. It's best to keep everything simple and as neat as possible over wider or larger areas, as to keep a nice line and silhouette. Similarly, be aware of where short sleeves end. If sleeves end in line with the breast this will create a horizontal line across the bust, and what will that do? That's right, make the area appear wider.

Also, be aware of colour and patterns. These can also be focal points and we always notice a lighter or brighter colour first. So, it may be useful to wear darker colours on top, with lighter colours on the bottom half.

Or, try creating focal points elsewhere. Such as, interesting sleeves and cuffs, jewellery or accessories, etc.

I do hope you've found these tips useful. As always, we should embrace our bodies and natural figures. It's taken me a long time to love my large breasts, and some days I still struggle with feeling confident about my boobs. But, so long as they're healthy then I'm happy.

These style tips aren't here for you to feel like you have to try and cover up your beautiful body, but to help show your assets in the best possible way and dress your body in a way that it looks it's best so that you feel your best and most beautiful self.

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