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Updated: Nov 9, 2018

It's a grey and dreary day as I write this, so what better way to brighten it up than talking about colours. Not only is it important to know which colours you should be wearing but you need to have a good understanding of how the colour of a fabric will impact how it looks. There are three main colour characteristics to keep in mind to keep you and your clothes looking fresh.

beautiful colour spectrum wheel of rainbow


This is basically how warm or cool a colour looks. Cool colours will have blue undertones, whilst warm colours will have yellow undertones, and this is also reflected in the colour of our skin. We are all either warm toned or cool toned, which I'm sure is something you've heard referenced before, particularly when it comes to make up. If we wear the wrong colour clothing then the eye will be drawn to our clothes, rather than having the attention on our faces. It can also make us look more tired and skin can look dull. Wearing the wrong undertone in make up will just end up looking overly false, and the finished look, just not quite right.

Wearing the right colours means creating a reflection and continuation of our natural colourings. So, if you have a warm skin tone you want to wear colours with warm,yellow undertones, and if you have a cool skin tone, you should choose clothes with cool, blue undertones.

beautiful woman with amazing, simple make up


Depth looks at how light or dark a colour is. It can be really interesting when looking at depth as it doesn't necessarily play a huge role in effecting your natural colurings, unlike the undertone does, but it's very important to get the depth right and in the right place. For example, it's not a well a known secret that darker colours have a slimming effect, whilst lighter colours have the opposite effect. So, if you want to have the appearance of slimmer legs you'll always want to opt for darker colours on your bottom half. It's also important to remember that we will always notice a light colour first and so light colours will draw attention to where it is situated on the body.

stylish woman in a beautiful black dress and amazing white hat

The depth of a colour can have an impact when it comes to our size and scale. If you are small scale you can have a hard time pulling off darker colours as these can overwhelm your small frame, whereas for large scales you can you really play around with the depth of colours and can get away with wearing large blocks of colour.


It's time to get real intense. The intensity of a colour is how bright or dull it is, and this not only effects our natural colourings but also our size and scale. Just like with depth, small scale people will have a hard time wearing very bright colours whilst large scales can look great in these. Bright colours will also have the same effect as light colours and the eye will be drawn to them first, and can make areas appear larger. So, that's really something to take into consideration!

hipster girl wearing a cool beanie and mustard jumper

Now, when we look at a person's natural colourings they will fall into either a Yin or Yang. Yin will have much lighter and delicate colourings, whilst Yang is darker and stronger. As previously mentioned the colours we wear should be an extension of our natural colourings. So, as you may have guessed, those with Yin colourings will need to wear softer and duller colours and those with Yang colourings can wear brighter colours. I told you it was going to get intense.

This was just a very brief overview of the three main colour characteristics to take into consideration. My best advice is don't over complicate things and play around with colours you enjoy wearing. Maybe on your next shopping trip you can have some fun and take in a whole range of depths and intensities into the changing room, see how these can manipulate your body.

Whatever your coulouring is I hope you have a bright and beautiful day.

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