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How to Wear 2019 Fall Fashion

I for one love fall fashion. Give me a Chelsea boot, knitwear, and a pumpkin spice latte and my inner basic bitch is very happy. Fashion week has shown us that there are some great new trends out this year, but the constant question - how the heck do I wear them? I'm sharing a few of my favourite trends and giving you ideas on how you can incorporate these so that they actually suit you and look great on!

Asymmetric necklines

So, this fun look is in. Asymmetric lines can be a great asset when it comes to style as they are quite an eye-catching detail, meaning we can use this to our advantage to either highlight or distract from certain areas.

Now, as it's necklines specifically this obviously means attention is going to be drawn up to the shoulder line and above, which can be great for some body shapes but more troublesome for others.

Pear shapes, this trend could work really well for you as it could be used to draw attention away from a wider hip line. Just remember you need to try and create some width at shoulder line so, if one shoulder is exposed make sure the opposite shoulder has a good amount of detail or shoulder padding to draw the eye out.

Hourglasses, you can play around with this trend but just make sure that you are not choosing a neckline that comes up too high in any way, it's best to stick to something that will still show off a little cleavage.

For those with an Apple shape, this could be a great way to draw attention away from the middle and up to your beautiful face. Just make sure that the dress or top you're choosing drapes over the rest of your body.

Straight shapes can also play around with this style. It's good to be aware of how this is showing off your shoulders in case it's highlighting your more 'boxy' body shape.

Now, those with an inverted triangle body shape may find this difficult to pull off as it's going to be drawing attention to the widest part of the body. It might help, in that it would break up a large block of colour, and you could opt for a darker coloured top and lighter trousers so that it's not too attention-grabbing. Another option would be to pay homage to the trend by choosing an asymmetric hemline rather than the neckline.

Smart Suits

Oh, you don't even know how excited this trend makes me. I love a suit and this year it's all about a well-tailored suit, cinched-in waists, and be still my beating heart, an 80's power shoulder!! There is a lot to play around with and you can definitely find something that will work for your body shape.

Those with a straight shape, this is your time to shine. You can really pull off some nice clean lines and good structured fabrics.

Hourglass shapes, you can really go to town with the cinching of the waist. If you opt for a slightly oversized or looser fit blazer you can grab a great belt and belt over the top of the blazer to show off that waist of yours. Just make sure you stick to a single-breasted jacket with at least two buttons to avoid 'gape-age'.

Pear shapes, you know what's coming don't you? POWER SHOULDERS. Yes, get that attention on up to that shoulder line and extend out with some fancy shoulder pads. Make sure you're keeping the bottoms as flat as possible over and around the hips.

The power shoulder look will work really well on those with an Apple shape too, so don't be afraid to opt for a jacket with a bit of shoulder padding. This will draw the attention up and away from your middle. Make sure you're opting for a fabric that is more tightly woven but nothing too stiff.

Inverted triangles you will need to stay away from the power shoulders, but a tailored and structured style is going to work really well on you. Go for simple lines and a nice crisp style. To avoid a larger block of colour on your top half you could wear a top with a low neckline to break up the width here.

Gold and Purple

Two great colours they've brought to us this year, and a little 'something something' that will work for everyone.

Winters and Summers, you better stay away from the Gold but embrace the Purple. Winters can opt for darker and brighter Purples, look for things like a Royal Purple or a more Blue Violet. Summers will need to stick to the more muted and lighter purples. Violet will be your friend here and try something like a Greyed violet or lavender.

Autumns can definitely opt for a darker and warm Purple, and of course, Golds are going to look great on you so go to town and have fun with this colour.

Spring may want to avoid Purple but can play around with Golds. Just keep it slightly lighter or a more Gold Tan colour.

Statement Hats

How fun! Now, when it comes to hats you want to focus on your scale and line. Those with a smaller scale need to be careful when it comes to a statement hat. Anything too big and over the top will just overwhelm your frame. So, you can choose something quirky with interesting details but just keep it minimal.

Those with a medium to large scale can definitely get creative and play around with this trend. Just be aware that this will become the focal point of your outfit so plan around this.

When choosing the fabric and structure of your statement hat be aware of your body line. If you have a straight body line then keep it very stiff and structured. but if you have a curved body line make sure this is reflected with softer materials.

There are some really great trends about this season and I hope that this has given you some inspiration on how you want to incorporate them into your wardrobes if you wish. As I always say though, make sure they're going to be trends you will carry on enjoying for the long term. Don't waste your hard earned money on any clothes you don't see a long term commitment with.

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