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How To Style Christmas Sweaters | Confident Stylings

As Christmas rolls around once more, it's time to get a little festive cheer. We will definitely not be having our usual festivities this year (if you're not reading this in 2020 we are mid pandemic...yay). So, instead of advising you on your best Christmas party outfit. Let's turn our attention to something we can still enjoy. A good Christmas sweater!

woman wearing santa hat and christmas sweater holding cookies and milk

Who doesn't love a comfy knit with a jolly print? But, we still want to be looking and feeling our best selves. Christmas is definitely a time when the old camera comes out. So, let's make sure we look fab-u-lous in those photos and our Christmas outfits.

What colour are you going for?

So when you think of Christmassy colours you've got your reds and your greens. Maybe some gold and silver. But, what colour is actually going to suit you when choosing your Christmas sweater?

woman standing in front of lights wearing a christmas sweater

We can all enjoy these glorious colours but make sure you're choosing the right shade and colour characteristics. Those with Winter and Summer colourings, you'll want to look for cool tones. Whilst Autumns and Springs want a nice warm tone.

So Winters can choose along the lines of Pine greens and bright burgundies. Whilst Summers can choose a more muted burgundy or a light blue red, or navy. Don't forget both these seasons can get there Silvers on!

Autumns could look for something like Bittersweet red or an Olive green. Springs why not try a light navy or a bright yellow-green. Both can rock that festive gold!

If you're an Autumn or Summer keep the colours more muted. Anything too bright is going to wash you out and overwhelm you. Alternatively, if you're a Winter or Spring make sure you're keeping the colours nice and bright.

Prints, Patterns, and Details

There is always such a great selection of fun Christmas designs to choose from. But, we want to make sure we're choosing the right print and pattern for our bodies.

When it comes to patterns we want to be mirroring our natural body line. So, if you have a curved line then choose curved patterns e.g a good ballball. Or, if you have a straight body line then look for straighter and more geometric shapes and patterns. Like a good old Christmas tree!

happy woman wearing a christmas sweater holding a christmas present

Be conscious of how the design is going to look across your body. As the sweater is going to have a fun print and design it will become a focal point of your outfit. Meaning that the attention is going to be drawn there. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this but be aware it's going to emphasise your shape here. So for me, I have to be on board with my larger bust being a little more obvious than I would usually care for.

If this is something that is going to cause you to feel self-conscious then why not find ways around it. You could look for a sweater where the main part is plainer but the festive print is on the arms, for example. Or, a festive cardigan which you can keep unbuttoned. You can wear this over the top of something more neutral and darker.

But what will I wear?! (This is a quote from The Grinch FYI)

Now, we come on to how to actually style your fabulous sweater.

If you tend to like a more toned-down outfit, the sweater is going to be your piste-de-resistance so you may want to keep the rest of your outfit neutral. Keep it simple with some nice jeans, or a pair of leggings, and some great boots.

I love the look of a sweater with a mini skirt. Pair this with some nice, cosy thick tights and you're golden. If you really want to go to town (as Santa will be coming), you could even rock your sweater with some festive tights!

Cute woman sitting wearing a christmas hat and jumper with christmas decorations behind her

If you've opted for a Christmas cardigan a great way to keep your shape would be to utilise the column of colour. This is when you wear 75% of one colour and 25% of another, which helps to slim and elongate the body. So, your festive cardi would be the 25%. Then wear a dark, neutral colour underneath, e.g black leggings and a black top. The eye will be drawn up to the cardigan, helping to lengthen out your shape.

To smarten and sophisticate the look, why not add a blazer over the top? Make sure you have a reasonably thin sweater. Otherwise, you could get far too hot, and the blazer may not fit correctly. This will give you that polished vibe whilst still enjoying the fun of a Christmas Sweater.

Whatever you choose to wear and whatever you get up to this Christmas, I hope you have a very lovely and joyous time.

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