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How to Style Autumn Clothes | Confident Stylings

After a very warm September here in the UK, things are starting to cool down. It's beginning to feel a lot like (not Christmas just yet) but my favourite time of year. Autumn!

I love everything about this season, especially the style. After months of trying to plan outfits that will keep me cool but provide ample cover of my ghostly skin from the blazing sun, I am so ready to bundle up in some knitwear.

Here's a quick guide on how to style some autumn essentials. To keep you looking fabulous over the next season. Whilst, also saving that precious time in the mornings!


I have a slight obsession with boots. So, as September draws closer I dust off those bad boys I've collected over the years and get ready to party.

When it comes to any shoe, make sure you're choosing something that will be comfortable and practical. You won't look good in any outfit if you're hobbling around. For 2020, flat boots are on trend which is a win for me as I walk everywhere so I definitely need a good comfortable shoe. As much as I love a heeled boot, I advise on something with a lower heel or flat for functionality. You won't be reaching for the boots that you can't wear for long, and we don't want them wasting away in the wardrobe!

Remember your scale when choosing a style. If you're small scale (so petite), avoid anything that's too chunky as this will overwhelm a small frame. If you're Medium to Large scale (taller, or have heavier bone structure) you can definitely opt for something with a nice chunky heel, or big buckles. Anything too fine or dainty won't match your scale.

Now, what to wear your boots with? Jeans and ankle boots will always be a classic autumn look. Paired with a blazer and a scarf. Gorgeous! Or, try ankle boots with a skirt and a sweater for a more preppy vibe.

If you prefer a longer boot, so thigh-high or knee-high, These can work beautifully over leggings or skinny jeans. I love the look of a long boot with a jumper dress and some statement jewellery. Consider your proportions when selecting a longer boot as it could shorten the leg. If you already have short legs you may want to stick with the ankle boots. Make sure the boot colour is darker or as dark as your hemline colour to create the look of a longer leg.


Obviously, knitwear is an Autumn staple! I actually have a whole other blog on finding the knitwear that suits you over here: https://bit.ly/3mPcDgP

A key thing to remember when choosing knitwear is the fabric. Again, thinking about your scale if you're smaller you want to choose a lighter fabric. So, things like cotton. Whereas if you're a larger scale you can wear much heavier fabrics, like wool. Also, be aware of your bodyline. If you're curvier then you want a looser knit. Something that will bend around your curves without adding bulk. Whereas if you have a straight bodyline then a tighter knit will work much better for you.

It's also worth investing in some quality knitwear. This will last you much longer, so saves you the effort and time of having to go out and buy new pieces each year. And, is much more sustainable. Consider the cost per wear of an item, which is the amount you initially pay divided by the number of times you wear something. Sometimes more expensive items can work out cheaper!

Onto styling your knits! I love the look of a cropped jumper with some high-waisted jeans and those good old ankle boots. For a workwear look, why not try an oversized cardigan with a blouse and skirt? Or, a jumper tucked into some corduroy trousers.


Tis the season for outwear. Now is the time to make use of some fabulous coats and jackets. As the days get cooler the majority of your outfit that will be on show will be your outerwear. So when you're out and about let's make sure it looks amazing!

When it comes to choosing coats and jackets, it's always best to look for something in a neutral colour. This will make it much easier to pair with as many outfits as possible. As coats tend to be quite pricey you want to be getting as much wear out of it as possible! When choosing the style of coat, I'd consider functionality. What is you're lifestyle like? Do you walk about a lot and need something more waterproof or with a hood? Can you swish around in a gorgeous long trench or do you need something shorter like a pea coat? Again, I have another blog post all about how to choose the right style of coat which you can read here: https://bit.ly/33RVfj7

Any style of coat will always look great with jeans and boots, for a very classic and autumnal vibe. If you're a fan of dresses and skirts, you may want to choose a long coat that falls down to your ankles. This will work with any length of skirt or dress then, as you don't want your coat stopping before the hemline of the skirt/dress. If you feel like adding a little something extra to your look, why not try belting a coat. This can give an outfit an extra touch, and help you to define your waist! Make sure there's not too much loose material bunching up around a belt.

Now, go forth and frolic in the falling leaves. Safe in the knowledge that you look fabulous in your autumn outfits!

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