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How To Overcome Body Confidence Issues | Confident Stylings

Let's be real. While the body positivity movement is strong and we're encouraged to love our bodies. It can be bloody hard to do so! This sort of thing doesn't happen overnight. If we're struggling with body confidence issues and being overly-critical, it can seem like a very daunting task to achieve. Never fear though as I have a few little tricks up my sleeve to help you move towards feeling good and confident in your beautiful body.

Accept yourself (please sing this in the style of Madonna's Express Yourself)

Accepting your body as it is here and now can be a great step to being more body confident. It helps you to move away from that constant battle of wanting to look different or live within a different body. Even more so if you've recently been through any big changes, like childbirth. Acknowledge your new body and accept it for how it has changed and grown.

Wishing for a change that may not happen can be exhausting. Believe me. I have had moments in my past where I am in a crumpled heap on the floor. Crying and desperately hoping for just a moment to not be in my body anymore. That is not a place I want for anyone to be in. Instead, begin to embrace who you are and what your body has brought you. Taking a moment of gratitude each day can be a great way to introduce this thinking pattern into your routine. What has your body done for you, to get you where you are today? What amazing things has it achieved that help you live your wonderful life? When we show our bodies a little respect we're showing our bodies a lil bit o love. It's not our bodies' fault we carry a little weight around our tummies, that's the way we were born. So, give you and your body a break and say some nice things about it, and yourself!

Feel Comfortable in your skin and your clothes.

You know I love using style to make myself and my clients feel confident and fabulous. Style is an extension of you so find clothes you feel comfortable and good in. By wearing outfits that suit our bodies and make us feel right we'll begin to feel better about our bodies. Think of a time when you wore something that wasn't quite the right fit or style for you. Maybe you saw it on someone else and liked how it looked but on you, it wasn't quite right. How did that make you feel? Now flip reverse it and think of when you wore something you loved. How did that make you feel?

Our clothes and outfits play a huge role in how we're feeling about ourselves and our bodies. If we're wearing something we feel good in, we're going to have a body confidence boost. If you're not sure what works for you yet, check out old photos of yourself to see if anything stands out as something you feel good in. Or, begin to play around with different outfits and note how you feel each day. It's ok if you do end up wearing something that's not so great. That means you've learned what doesn't work which is taking you in the right direction. You can learn more about finding your style with a style consultation here: https://www.confidentstylings.com/women-s-style

Know thyself, know thy style (or something like that)

Another way to be feeling great in our bodies and our style is to understand yourself. So, that you can wear outfits that feel right and authentic to who you are. Like wearing the wrong fit can have a negative impact on how we feel, wearing something that "isn't us", will also chip away at how confident we're feeling.

A great way to translate who we are to what we wear is to create some style words. Get down into the nitty-gritty of who you are and how you want others to see you. Who do you see yourself as? A Mother, A Badass Boss Babe, A Sex Kitten? All three? Once you've worked that out, think what this may look like in an outfit using your style words. Let's stick with Mother as an example. Let's say you think of your motherly self as, caring, fun, and trustworthy. What does that look like as an outfit? Use some visuals to help you with this such as magazines or Pinterest.

If you're showing up every day in an outfit that feels like you and an extension of your personality, you're going to feel so much more confident in that body of yours. Trust me!

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