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How to make Spring 2019 trends work for you | Confident Stylings

As an Image consultant, I don't tend to advise on keeping up with the latest fashion trends. However, it can be useful to have some idea of what's hot right now to help keep your look fresh and not outdated. Please don't rush out and buy the latest trends though, unless you love them. That's all they are - trends. Next season they'll be out, so you need to make sure that you're still investing in pieces that you'll love more long term. We're not necessarily talking marriage material here, but definitely more committed than a fling. With that said, it's not always easy making trends work for us an individual. We're not made to all suit the same generic outfit. So, what inspirations can you take from the Spring 2019 looks, and make these work for you?

Animal Print

Animal print is going to be sticking around for a little bit longer (and my love of all things Drag does a happy dance inside). Animal Print can be very difficult to pull off. It's a statement piece and will be eye catching. So, first make sure you feel confident that you will have people looking (for all the right reasons), and that you're not wearing it on a part of your body that you're not so keen on showing off.

Make sure you're choosing the right colour for you. If you're a Winter you can go for something like a Zebra print with those whites and blacks. Autumns and Springs could choose something more classic like a Leopard print, just make sure you're picking the right shades for your colouring. Summers are going to need something more muted, so that the print doesn't wash you out. From looking round the shops you seem to be able to get most animal prints in varying colours and shades, so just have a good look for what will be right for you.

We also need to think about shape and getting the right line for your body...line. Those with straight body lines can opt for prints like stripes, think Tiger print. Those with more curves could go for something like Leopard print, which has more curve and flow to it.

Remember to always pay attention to scale, you don't want to have a massive print on your clothing if you're small scale, this will just overwhelm you. Vice-versa for larger scales, don't pick too small a pattern, this will just end up looking off.


So, bows are in apparently. Again, if you want to follow this trend you need to be aware of the size of the bow and your scale. You don't want a massive bow on the front of your blouse if you're a small person, unless you like that clown look. Also, remember your proportions and where this bow will be on your body. If you have more of an inverted triangle shape you're going to want to avoid items like a Pussy Bow blouse as this will take the emphasis to your larger bust line, and highlight the imbalance of your narrower hips.

The shape of bows are going to be perfect for those with a more curved body line, however you could still rock this trend if you have a straighter body line. Just look for bows that have more of a squared edge to them and in a stiffer fabric, such as denim, and avoid anything too floppy or curvy. If you have a particularly angular face shape then you may want to keep the bows to the lower part of your body, or a top that has the bow detailing on the back.


If you like the Western look, fringe can be a great way to add a bit of fun and flare to your style. And, Daaarling it was seen all over the Catwalks this year.

Fringe can be fantastic at either emphasising, or potentially disguising certain body parts, if used in the right way. It will definitely be an eye catching detail so if you want to draw attention to a certain part then definitely add it here. For example, Pear shapes could add some fringing detail around the shoulders to add a little width here. But, maybe even better, say you want to draw attention away from your shoulders and downwards, fringing along the lower arms of a jacket or shirt could help with this.

Fabric choice is going to be important here.

If you're a smaller scale you don't want anything that's too heavy and will swamp you. I always think of fringe as being in a suede fabric, which could be great for those with a combination body line, or if slightly stiffer for those with straight body lines.

If you think fringe would be too much to have on your body but it's a look you want to incorporate, why not try it on a bag. This is a great way of adding it into your outfit but not having to have it on yourself all day.

Sage Green and Beige

According to my research you'll be seeing a lot of these colours this season. This is great because it means there's something for everybody here. Beiges are going to be great for Springs and Autumns. Something like a more natural beige will look wonderful for Autumns, whilst Springs will need to look for something that has more of a light, warm, grey tone to it.

Sage green is going to be a colour that could look really lovely on Summers, it's a perfect soft and lighter colour. Winter's may find this colour a little too muted for them but could definitely try and find it in a darker or slightly bolder shade. Failing that, put your own flare on this trend and rock more of a Forest Green shade instead.

Either way, these can be a great staple for a more neutral item in your wardrobe.

This is by no means all the trends we'll be seeing in Spring 2019, but they were certainly my favourites. They have the most potential to be more diverse and something that everyone could have a play around with. Just remember to make sure you love a piece before you spend your hard earned money on it. These are trends and they will pass.

For more information on learning about your proportions, colourings and body type visit my website: Confidentstylings.com

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