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How to make more money

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I recently read 'You are a Badass at Making Money' by the amazing Jen Sincero. If you are looking for motivation and wisdom on how to become rich, I highly suggest checking this book out.

One of the strategies recommend in this book is to give money away for 29 days. When I finished reading it, I pledged to myself that I would do absolutely everything this book told me to, because what do I have to lose? But, oh so much to gain.

I wanted to share with you my experiences of giving away money every day for 29 days.

Overcoming stress and worry

I'm very careful with my money. I know exactly how much is coming in each month and I follow every penny that goes out. I know my budget and I stick to this. I can also be a little selfish with money. Sorry, can't afford to buy you a coffee but I did just drop £100 on an Asos order (again). So, the idea of giving my hard earned money away everyday for almost a month was a slightly daunting task.

I decided the best use for my money was to give to charity most days, and on the other odd days I would buy something nice for a friend, or buy the homeless guy I walk past everyday a sandwich, etc.

Having a thought out plan of where my money would be going, and knowing how I would be spending this money helped to overcome this stress a little. I also designated about £1 budget per day, meaning I wasn't going to overspend on my overall budget during this period.

Trying to get into the head space of abundance

I think the underlying message of this task was to be aware that I already have an abundance and that I can afford to give back. One theme of the book, and Jen's ideas, is that we already have everything we need and that our mindset will control what happens. So, it was a big effort on my part to let go of clinging to this money and try to remind myself that it was ok that I was spending money every day, and that money would always be there.

The hardest part of this was trying to let go of that fear that I was going to run out of money. Every time I looked at my carefully curated budget spreadsheet my automatic thought was 'ugh, I've spent too much this month'. To counteract this I tried to focus on where this money was going and the good it was doing. I would tell myself that I had more than enough money and I've never run out of money before. Which is true. Money is always there for me and I need to trust it.

Feeling fun and generous

One of the things I did enjoy about this 29 day experiment was getting to choose where I would give my money away to each day. It was quite fun being able to pick a cool charity that I could help in some small way. I tried to find charities I'd maybe not heard of before, or pick projects that I'd always been meaning to contribute towards.

I also tried to soak up the feelings of generosity and kindness. Sure, I was donating a very small amount but it was more than I would usually do, and giving financially led on to me giving away more of my time to charities and organisations. Once I was on the website to donate I would end up looking at what campaigns were going on and taking the time to educate myself on what these fantastic charities were actually doing. I started signing petitions and even wrote a letter to my local MP. I've also planned to start volunteering for Crisis, which is a charity that's always been very dear to my heart and, again, something I'd always been meaning to do.

These 29 days have forced me to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to money and spread a little joy and generosity. I've learnt I don't need to hang on quite so tightly to those purse strings, and I should look outside myself more often to those who maybe need a spare couple of quid. I can still treat myself and others.

It felt good to take a leap of faith into the unknown and I'm excited to see where I go next on this money making journey.

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