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How to incorporate Colour of the Year into your wardrobe | Confident Stylings

Pantone announced their colour of the year earlier this month, declaring the 2020 colour as Classic Blue. Pantone states that this colour is "calm, confidence and connection", highlighting the desire for a "dependable and stable foundation". But, what exactly does this mean for your wardrobe?

Who will Classic Blue suit?

This colour is going to work really well for any Winters and Summers. It can be a great neutral tone that these two seasons will be able to build their outfits around. Winters could spice up the look with some brighter and bolder colours, like magenta.

Whilst Summers can keep the look clean and sophisticated with mauves or lavender-greys.

This will be a slightly more difficult colour for Autumns and Springs to pull off but you could try wearing this colour if it's not too near your face, for example, trousers or a bag.

How to add Classic Blue into your wardrobe?

If you don't want to buy any more clothes or you're not sure you want to add too much of this colour into your outfit, accessories can be a great way of adding a splash of colour. Bags and coats can be a great way of incorporating this blue in, especially if you don't want to have it on your body all day long.

Perhaps you already have too many tops but you would like to make this colour more of a feature in your outfit. Look for a classic blue scarf or pashmina, this can really elevate and bring an outfit together.

What will Classic Blue say about me?

Our brains are very susceptible to suggestion and we can use certain colours in our outfits to leave a lasting impression in people's subconscious minds. So, what impression does Classic Blue leave?

Blue tends to be most people's favourite colour and so can be viewed as non-threatening. Colour Psychology also suggests that blue will instill feelings of calmness and serenity. In a business setting, blue can be seen as a sign of stability and reliability. So, if those are qualities you want to present in yourself, then this colour will be great for you and your wardrobe. A small word of caution though, blue can also create feelings of sadness and can be seen as icy or distant. For this reason, it may be better to not go for a monochromatic outfit with this colour but add it in amongst some other great, complementing colours.

I'm excited to see more of this colour around in 2020 and hope you have fun incorporating it into your own wardrobe and style.

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