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How to dress for Autumn

I’ve been waiting to write about how to dress for Autumn for a while now, but here in the UK we’re having a bit of a strange Autumn so far. It’s so incredibly mild that I’m just longingly looking at my jackets, scarfs and knitwear. Global Warming, am I right?

So, I think we’ll have to pretend for now that the days are crisp and it’s time to wrap up with a Pumpkin Spice latte.

I think Autumn can be an overwhelming season to get right as not all of us are going to suit the gorgeous styles out there, but there can be something for everyone. Whilst I dream of wearing fantastic Mustard's and Olives, those just ain’t gonna work for my summer complexion. However, I’ll be all about the Greyed Violet. Do you have Winter colourings? Then rock that Burgundy. And not forgetting the Springs, you can’t complain, you get to wear camel. Oh to have a camel coat and it suit me!

Now that we’ve thought about colours, let’s turn the attention to styles. I think for everyone, layering is key. Knitwear can turn bulky all to quickly, especially if you have a curvier figure. It’s important to keep in mind the type of fabrics to take on. If you’re a small- scale person you really want to stick to lighter fabrics, like cotton, and build up from there. Whereas a larger scale can take on a much heavier fabric, such as wool.

We can all build a great Autumnal outfit though. Start your bottom layer with something lighter and basic, such as a cami or t-shirt. Next add on a jumper, keeping in mind the fabric choice. You’ll also not want to go too baggy with the jumper if you’re adding on a jacket and scarf.

Again, with jackets you really want to bear in mind the style and fabric choice. If you have more a of a straight line and angular bone structure you can opt for a much stiffer fabric like tweed or denim. For curved lines you want your fabric to be softer and have some movement to it. Something like wool crepe can work really well.

Has anyone seen that amazing photo of Lenny Kravitz working the most gigantic scarf you ever did see? If not you really need to Google it. Whilst he’s living his best life, that certainly won’t work for many. If you’re large scale though, go right ahead. Some medium scales could get away with a large scarf but think about your proportions and how much bulk it will add. The rest of us can go for something much lighter. Soft cotton scarfs can be great, or a more loosely woven scarf can be wonderful without ruining your body line.

Then there’s the wonderful world of boots. Have fun with your footwear but don’t forget drawing too much attention to your feet will take the distraction away from your face and can make you appear shorter. Shoes should always be darker than your hemline colour and again, don’t forget your scale when looking at the size of heel etc. Sorry my fellow small scale friends but we’re going to struggle with a really chunky boot and thick heel. Court shows can be a great option, especially with skirts and tights. Large to medium scales, you go have fun with your chunky boots but don’t try anything that is too dainty or delicate.

We also want to remember our body lines with shoes. Straight lines want to have a more angular shoe with a pointed toe, whilst curved lines, well you want something curved.

All this has got me far too excited so I’ll be going back to dreaming of those cooler days now.

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