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How to Charity Shop | Confident Stylings

Charity shopping is great. Not only does it save you money but it's a much more ethical way to shop. Recently we seem to have become more aware of the issues with fast fashion and the impact that has on the environment. But, if you're like me and are slightly addicted to shopping, how can we still get our new clothes fix without breaking the bank or the environment? I'm going to run through some of my top tips for hitting the charity shops and still finding great clothes that you'll love and will suit you.

Go when it's quiet and take your time

Charity shopping is a fine art and can't be rushed. The best way to approach it is to schedule time out to specifically hit up some charity shops, when you're not going to be in a hurry or rushed. You need to be able to give yourself the time to search through the racks of clothes. Trust me you will definitely find some amazing hidden gems but you do need to have a good rummage through.

If you are planning a charity shopping trip also try and pick a time when the shops will be quieter. This way you're not going to be fighting for space in the shop, you'll have more freedom to move around at a leisurely pace and hopefully avoid any situations of someone beating you to that perfect top. Do not resort to violence in these situations.

Don't just look in your own dress size section

Whilst we want to ensure we're getting the best fit for our bodies we don't have to confine ourselves to our own dress sizes. I recently had a little charity shopping trip and found a couple of blazers which were labelled large but have worked out perfectly on me for that oversized look. I also found a jumpsuit which was also in the large section, but fits me perfectly! Just like with any shopping, you want to concentrate on the fit of the garment on you, not the dress size label. Just don't forget to try on in the shop to save disappointment.

With that said, it can also be a great idea to check the Men's section too. You might be able to score some oversized t-shirt, or shirts which can be belted at the waist for a more sleek look. Again, just check that it is going to fit and look good on your body.

Have an idea in mind

A great way to approach charity shopping is to have an idea of what you're looking for. I've been hankering for a new handbag and a blazer for a while now, so had this in mind on my recent venture. I managed to find both, for a great price too.

If you're new to charity shopping, or can find it a little overwhelming, a great way to overcome this is to know what you want to get. If you're after a specific item it makes the whole trip more focused and organised. Most charity shops set out their clothes by item, e.g tops in one section, trousers in another. This makes it easier to pinpoint where you want to be rummaging, and quicker to hunt down what you're after.

Like anything, getting great finds in charity shops takes a little bit of practice, but stick to these tips and should be on the way to success.

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