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How Does Life Coaching Work? | Confident Stylings

Who's ever felt like they could do with a little helping hand every now and again? Life is hard and it can be difficult to navigate, especially if we're facing particular difficulties such as lacking confidence. This is where a Life Coach can be of help to you. Sometimes you're so caught up in your own issues that you don't even know where to begin. Having someone who can objectively look at the obstacles you're facing so they can really identify what is holding you back. Then provide you with tools to help you overcome these and allow you to meet both your short term and long term goals. Sounds amazing, right? "Sign me up" I hear you say. But, how does this magical Life Coach actually manage to help you in this way?

One tool that Life Coaches, including myself, use is the TGROW model. Huh, what's that? Sounds weird. TGROW is simply an acronym for Topic, Goal, Reality, Options, and Way forward. These points will direct how the coaching will take place and provide a more systematic approach to sessions. This means coaching sessions have purpose and direction, whilst still allowing for open discussion. Let's explore each point in a little more detail.


This refers to what you want to approach in your coaching sessions and the broad area in which the coaching will take place. This will be the first conversation you have with a coach and this will help you to clarify your desires and what you want to achieve.

You may even find that once you start this conversation with a coach, the initial ideas of what you wanted may not actually be what you really want or need. Questions such as "what is important to you?" and "What would this mean to you?" can really kickstart the discussions and get the conversation flowing in the right direction. This initial conversation is so important as it ensures both yourself and the coach understands the motivation behind what you want, and avoid setting any goals which may be irrelevant.


Now we get on to the fun part. Once we've got some background information on the areas you want to start addressing, you can start to identify some goals you would like to work towards.

You can start to get specific on what it is you really want to do. A coach will ensure that your goals move along a trajectory, and that you are able to meet smaller goals in between coaching sessions to keep you headed towards those big long term goals. It's important to always reassess these goals and a good coach will revisit this section regularly.


This is really where a coach can help you to achieve clarity and bring more self-awareness to what is going on in your life.

You will be able to explore everything that might be holding you back and is a real chance for a coach to get an accurate idea of where you are on your journey, and for you to realise your underlying fears and convictions. Careful questioning, including "What is the result of...?" and "Why is this a problem and what are the concrete examples of this problem?" will really help you to self-evaluate and identify the obstacles that hold you back.


Here's where you can start to explore possible action plans. You need to start thinking about ideas and solutions that will help you to keep moving forward. Taking the time to clearly outline a solid plan can be a really empowering experience and should help to stop you from feeling like you lack control. This is really where you start to lead the sessions and the coach is merely a guide to nudge you along the right lines of your journey.

This part of the process can sometimes bring up some self-limiting beliefs but a coach is there to challenge you on these and counter any negative statements you may find yourself stating.

Way Forward

Lastly, we're able to get on with finding a way forward for your continuing journey. By this point, you will be prepared with a specific set of goals, all obstacles will be identified and potential options will be in place. Now it's time to commit to one of those options and follow it through with a set action plan.

This is where you will set yourself measurable targets so that you know when you are succeeding in what you have set out to do, which will keep you on track to meet your goals. A coach will ask you a series of questions to make sure you have taken everything into account and ensure that this plan will get you to your goal, and solve any underlying problems you've identified.

This should give you some idea of what you can expect from Life Coaching and hopefully encourage you to take the plunge if it is something you have been considering making use of. Don't forget to check out more information on the Life Coaching I offer here: http://bit.ly/2Qopg4d

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