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How do you take pride in yourself? | Confident Stylings

Some may see worrying about your image as shallow. Or, that style is unimportant and that putting an emphasis on dressing well can make people feel bad about themselves. However, dressing well and looking our best doesn't mean a full face of makeup and killer heels every morning. It can be as simple as brushing your hair, or putting on a clean, well fitting blouse. Making small efforts like this each day, and allowing ourselves the time to do this can actually be really good for mental well being, and I see it as a form of self care. Everyone should be able to feel and look their best and have a little time each day to take pride in themselves, and their appearance.

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Taking pride in your appearance

Let me ask you a question. How do you feel if you've been slumming around, lounging in pyjamas all day without showering? I won't argue, this can be a great treat, once in a while, but let's be honest tt can start to feel a bit icky by the end of the day. You feel sluggish and lethargic, and perhaps even feel like you've wasted a day. Now, how do you feel when you've got up, showered, and put on a great outfit? Feeling fresh? Motivated, perhaps?

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Taking pride in your appearance won't only make you feel better about yourself but it can lead to more productivity. If you can get dressed in the morning, just think what else you can go out and achieve that day. These little acts of kindness to ourselves, like taking the time to have a pedicure etc, can promote better mental health and help us feel happier about ourselves.

What does your appearance say about you?

By absolutely no means do you have to be the best dressed person in the room (unless you want to be). I'm not expecting you to run out and hit up the designer shops, spending a fortune on trying to look amazing. But taking some time and pride in your appearance will send out the right signals to people. Did you know only 7% of a first impression is based on what you look like? That means people really are judging how you look. It's your job to give them something positive to think about.

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We want to be able to create a consistent message of who we are, and match this to how we look. You've heard of dressing for the job you want, right? It's about working out what we want to achieve and how our look and appearance can influence this.

If you were the CEO of an amazing company and you went to a networking event, or business meeting, dressed in poorly fitting, dirty clothes, do you think you would be taken seriously? Or, let me reverse that. What do you think of someone when you see them wearing an amazing outfit or smart suit? I bet you think they're successful.

Improving your confidence

Taking pride in your appearance will also help you to grow your confidence. Let's think back to that day spent in your pyjamas. Imagine someone called round unexpectedly. Perhaps someone devilishly handsome. Would you feel great opening the door to them?

Now, let's say you've spent some time putting together a great outfit that you know you look amazing in. Something that makes you feel awesome about yourself. You're going to exude confidence and this will show. People will react to the way you are feeling and the energy you are radiating. If you seem confident people will think you are. More likely meaning people can trust in you to be successful and reliable.

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Have you heard the philosophical idea about the Law of Attraction? It basically means that like will attract like. If you have a negative thought pattern you are going to encourage negativity in to your life, but if you are thinking positively then good things will come your way. This can work with confidence too. Thinking and acting confidently will ultimately help your confidence to grow overall.

It's not called a power suit for nothing. How can you use the way you look and dress to feel more confident, and attract more opportunities?

So, you can call me vain if you like. You can call me shallow for enjoying shopping and putting outfits together. But, I know it goes deeper than this. I know that feeling great about my appearance will make me feel great about myself. And, taking that little bit of extra time to look a little bit extra, will show other people that I mean business.

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