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How do I organise my wardrobe? | Confident Stylings

So, it's officially spring. It's that time of year when we should all have a good sort out and, well, a spring clean. But, how do you spring clean your wardrobe? It can be so hard to get rid of items that we may have spent a lot of money on, or loved in the past but no longer wear. But, we need to be realistic and let go of any items that no longer serve us. My advice is if you've not worn an item in the last 6 -12 months, you're very unlikely to wear it again. This obviously doesn't include seasonal pieces, I'm not expecting you to rock those sandals and summer dress at Christmas. Let's get into the steps on how best to organise that wardrobe.

What do you want from your wardrobe?

There is usually something that prompts us to make a change and feel the need to update our wardrobes. So, the first step is to work out what that trigger is and what you now want from your clothes and your wardrobe. Taking this time should help you to avoid making any future clothing mistakes and buying the wrong items that are doomed to a life in the back of your closet.

What do you need your wardrobe to do? Are you mostly at the office, working hard on that career? Or, are you a gym junkie and spend most of the time wearing leggings and sports bras? Perhaps you're a stay at home parent and need a comfortable and functional wardrobe. Whatever you're getting up to, we're all busy, busy, busy and we don't have time to spend hours trying to piece together an outfit in the morning.

Our wardrobes should reflect what we need, as well as what we want, otherwise we're going to struggle to think of an outfit and just fall into a bit of a style rut.

Having this clear idea of what we need and being able to organise our wardrobes to meet this will make it so much easier to have awesome outfits all ready to go each morning.

Should it stay or should it go now?

Ok, so now the fun part (or maybe not). It's time for a fashion show. There may be some glaringly obvious items that need to leave your wardrobe immediately, e.g worn out, you never wear, out of date, or just don't like anymore. For other items it might be more difficult to make a decision. Here is a chance to try out a few different outfits, try on some items and see if they do work with anything and how you feel in them. If you can't find a way of making an item work and that you don't feel good in it, it's time to go.

This is also a good opportunity to 'shop your wardrobe'. You might discover items you had forgotten about or, as you're trying on items, you may workout new outfit creations. This can help you to avoid feeling the need to go out and buy new clothes, saving you money and precious space in your wardrobe. It's really handy to keep a list of outfit ideas. This will help you remember your amazing creations, and pin point any essential items you might be missing or need to replace.

I know it can be so hard to let go of clothes but it might help you to visualise how you'll dispatch of these. You can easily have a 'good deed' moment and donate to charity, or maybe even host a 'clothes swap' party with your friends. Knowing your clothes will carry on to lead a good life and bring someone else joy, can help with the separation process. Stay strong.

Keep it organised!

So, you've given up a whole weekend to get in there and sort out that beast of a wardrobe. Do yourself a favour and keep it tidy and organised from now on. By keeping on top of your wardrobe on a regular basis you'll avoid it turning into such a mammoth task to sort. It's time to decide how you're going to lay your wardrobe out and keep it organised.

Do you want to sort your clothes by colour? Or by occasion? Maybe by item or style. It's your choice, and do whatever makes most sense to you. Make sure you can see all your clothes, accessories and shoes. This way being able to piece together an outfit is going to be so much quicker and easier.

Don't forget, if you find organising your wardrobe just too daunting, or you really don't even know where to begin. You can hire help for this! Head on over to my website and check out the wardrobe management service on offer:

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