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How do I Dress for my Body Shape? | Confident Stylings

We all have areas of our body that we're not so keen on. Whilst we want to work to love every inch of ourselves, there is no problem with increasing our confidence and love of our bodies by using our style and clothes. Wearing the right styles for our body shape can be a great way to enhance or disguise certain body parts as we like. Here are my top tips for female body shapes and overcoming certain body difficulties.

Pear Shapes

The main difficulty for those with a Pear Shape body is having unbalanced hips to shoulders. The idea you want to aim for is to draw the eye up and out, and away from your wider hip line. This can easily be done by using details around the shoulder which will become more eye catching. A great and easy way to widen the shoulder line out is to add in a good shoulder pad. You don't need to go full 80's or Power Suit but a slight padding will bring some definition to a sloped shoulder line.

Other great details to draw the eye up can be wider lapels on jackets and blazers.

We always notice a lighter colour first,so wearing light colours on your top half and darker on the bottom will help to draw the eye up, and of course dark colours are slimming. We want to avoid showing too much cleavage as this will draw attention to a smaller top half.

Apple Shapes With a more rounded shape all over, Apples want to draw attention away from the softer stomach and move it up to the shoulders and face.

One great way to do this is to use colour around the face. Remember the rule that we will always notice lighter colours first. Another great tip is to use the column of colour (whoa what's that? I have a whole blog post on this, you should check it out!).

Essentially this is wearing 75% of one colour and 25% of another - usually throwing a jacket or blazer of a lighter colour over a dark coloured outfit.

Unlike Pear Shapes, don't be afraid to use necklines to show off your cleavage a little.

It's best to avoid belts, or tucking in of tops, as this can cut the body in half and will draw the attention to your middle.

Hourglass Shapes

Hourglasses, you got those curves so, show. them. off! The key here is to have clothes that have shaping and avoid anything overly baggy. Hourglass shapes are usually blessed with a good bust so use necklines to show off some cleavage.

Tops and dresses should be fitted or semi fitted with some nice waist detailing. This will emphasise your beautiful curves. It's best to avoid any clothing and fabrics that are too sharp or straight, you need lines that will curve nicely around your body and mirror your own curves.

Inverted Triangle Shapes

Like Pear Shapes the main issue here is unbalanced shoulder and hips line, however here the shoulders are wider with narrow hips. So, we want to try and balance this out with clever styling. As we should all know by now, we notice a light colour first so... Dark colours on top and lighter on the bottom.

Fitted shirts can be really lovely but be very careful over any straining across the bust line. That being said you can get away with showing a little cleavage. Having a lower cut neckline will break up a large block of colour and hope to lessen the wide shoulder line. It's important to be aware of the sleeves on top and avoid any sleeves that end in line with the bust - this will widen out the top half.

Straight Shapes

For our last body shape, the Straight issue is a slight lack of waist and avoiding looking too boxy.

The best way to do this is to emphasise your beautiful shoulder line and add some skim over the rest of the body. To do this we can use beautiful dresses like a well fitted shift dress or an Empire line.

Angular patterns and straight lines will reflect your own body line beautifully.

Due to a lack in waist it's best to avoid anything drawing attention to this area, such as belts around the waist.

So, there are a few essential tips on how to overcome some body difficulties. We all have little flaws that we need to learn to love, but these styling tricks can be great for days when we need that little extra confidence boost. For more detailed information on this, a style assessment can really help to understand your body, and what will and won't work for you

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