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How do I Choose a Halloween Costume? | Confident Stylings

Halloween is the greatest time of the year. No, I'll not hear any different thank you! But when there's just one night of the year where we can embrace our spooky side and get all dressed up. How do we make the most of it? How do we choose the best Halloween costume ever?

two skeletons at a party

Time to Get Inspired

Sometimes Halloween costume ideas come to us in a lightning bolt moment. Other years we may be struggling for a good idea. We need to seek some sort of inspiration from somewhere.

A simple google is always a good shout. I mean, this is how you found this blog post right? But, have you ever tried starting with your very own wardrobe. What pieces do you already own that could become part of something very special? Perhaps you already had a few fun and quirky pieces hiding away in there. Sometimes looking through our wardrobe with a fresh pair of eyes, or a specific event in mind, we can end up seeing things in a whole new way. This year I was able to create a Nancy Downs outfit all out of items I currently already owned.

beautiful woman in a costume with a flower crown

Another great way to get inspired is to look at Horror and Halloween films. There have been so many amazing characters over the years that there is a huge catalog to choose from. This could also mean branching away from the typical "scary" costume. If you're more of a Fashionista and want to keep yourself looking stylish, take your inspiration from something like Rosemary's Baby or Daughter's of Darkness. Where the looks are served up piping hot.

This leads to deciding if you want to go all out or whether you want to be more stylish. Whilst I prefer a full-on scary look complete with gory makeup, this isn't for everyone. Halloween is everyone's night and you should feel good in what you wear. That might mean opting for a glamorous vampire over Leather Face. You get to decide what sort of style you want to go for.

Be Practical

You always want to consider the practicality of your costume. If you end up choosing something that is going to be heavy or cumbersome to wear all night. You're only going to end up ruining your fun by having to fuss with it.

First and foremost make sure whatever you're choosing to wear is comfortable. Like with our everyday style we still need it to be somewhat functional and comfortable to wear. You won't look and feel good if you're in pain all night, or too hot and sweaty. Make sure your costume is somewhat easy to move around in so you can boogie on down to the Monster Mash.

cute woman wearing a witch costume for halloween

Also, consider where you're going to be spending All Hallows Eve. If it's just at home or at a house party then maybe the Ghostbuster costume with all the apparatus is a great idea. There will be somewhere you can pop things down and grab when a photo opportunity is about. But, if you're headed out for a night out on the town do you really want to be worrying about carrying something extra around all evening? Or that's going to be a hazard on the dance floor.

The best costume is the one you have fun in, so whilst practicality might sound boring it is important.

Are Bats flying through your wallet?

When it comes to choosing your costume you, of course, want to be considering your budget. At the end of the day, this outfit is more than likely only going to be worn once so don't go overspending on anything.

gorgeous woman dressed up a sugar skull holding flowers with a flower crown

If you're on the hunt for a bargain, why not see what second-hand items you can find. Not only will this save you some money but it's a much more sustainable way to get your costume.

Homemade costumes are so much fun to put together so why not check out charity shops or eBay for some pieces. You may even find some great items that, worn in a different way or toned down, could be used in your everyday wardrobe. This could allow you to stretch your budget a little further as we're then thinking about cost per wear.

Those are the little tips I've got for you this Halloween. Now, go find that perfect costume!

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