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Body Shapes: Confidence boosting or damaging?

As an advocate for inspiring confidence in others I follow a lot of social media accounts focused on body image positivity and self esteem. I've lost count of the number of times I have seen people slating body shapes and encouraging others to wear whatever they like, despite their shape or size. Now, don't get me wrong, I am all about that. I want women and men alike to feel empowered by their bodies and for their clothes to be an extension of themselves, whether that comes from wearing a skintight body con dress or floating around in a loose, ethereal kimono.

However, is it right to deny people the option of understanding their body shape? Are we wrong to declare that to have an interest in learning how clothes can manipulate our figures this is damaging our confidence?

For some, neither the body con nor the kimono, nor anything in between, feels right. For some, myself included, we need a little guidance in how clothes will fit and hang on our own bodies. All too often we are bombarded with images of models looking perfect in various items of clothing, but unfortunately what many don't know is what goes on behind the scenes. The model showing up for a photo shoot and having clothes pinned so that they hug every curve, or skim in the right way (not to mention that models make a career of understanding how to pose and look good in clothes).

Having a sound knowledge of what will and won't work on your individual body can do wonders for body confidence. I know everyone reading this has had those moments in the mirror, wondering why certain items just don't look right. To me, that is the most damaging thing of all.

Sure, I definitely wear the wrong things for my body shape but this is when I feel fantastic in something, despite how it hangs on me. I am by no means saying you can only ever wear clothing that will work for your shape, but if you have the knowledge behind you, that's when the real fun and experimenting can start. Confidence won't be far behind.

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