Online Colour Analysis

Learn exactly what colours you should be wearing from the comfort of your very own home! 

Online Colour Analysis follows the same structure as a regular colour analysis session. You'll learn all about the colours that will flatter you and discover how to create a beautifully colour coordinated wardrobe.

No more buying clothes and never wearing them because the colour doesn't look quite right. 





Time to say goodbye to the stress of trying to match colours in your outfits each morning!

Online colour analysis is perfect for those short on time, or can't face the hassle of heading out for an appointment. Or even worse, having to get the house in order for visitors. The online session is a great fit for you.

With just a quick questionnaire for you to complete, and by using a photo of yourself, I'll be able to analyse exactly which colour palette you should be wearing. We can then set up a Zoom meeting where I can show you the colours that will naturally complement you and colours that will coordinate, to help you create an effortlessly beautiful wardrobe. 


The Zoom consultation session will last one hour.

Consultation Price: £75

This includes your very own free colour swatch. A handy selection of your best colours so you can always choose the right colours for you. Even when out and about shopping!

"Pink is the new Black" Diana Vreeland

woman wearing bracelets typing on laptop booking style consult

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