Life and Confidence Coaching

Life and Confidence coaching will help you to identify your life vision or dream, and the goals and objectives needed to achieve these. There are many reasons people choose life coaching, from career guidance to building relationships, and whatever your desire I will be able to help you achieve this. I will help you to re-imagine your life and move past undermining thoughts and behaviours.

I specialise in Confidence Coaching and can help you to understand what confidence really is and how to achieve it. You will learn how to develop a growth mindset to help you become more confident in yourself, and tackle more specific issues you may be facing, such as social anxiety.


Coaching will take place over a one-hour session per week via telephone, Zoom, or in person. I will also be able to offer further support via email and you will be expected to work on exercises in between sessions.

Coaching sessions will work alongside the TGROW model to ensure each session is focused and keep your progress moving forward, whilst allowing for open discussion.


If you want to learn more about TGROW, I have a blog post all about it: 

Our first session together will be free. As coaching can be a long and delicate process it's important to know that we will work great together. Our first session is free so we can enjoy getting to know each other and ensure that we will create a good coaching relationship, and I can start to learn a little about your exciting journey. 

"The most beautiful thing you can wear is Confidence" Blake Lively

inspirational quote work for it on phone for life coaching and confidence coaching

Price: £30/ hour which includes resources to help with your weekly exercises and support your own development, in addition to occasional email support.

10 sessions can be purchased in advance for a reduced price of £250.

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