About Cate

I struggled for many years with self-esteem and body image. I 'developed' very early on in life, and remarks on my body led to a lot of feelings of shame. Also, going through such a quick change left me with issues of how to dress for my new body. I felt insecure in the way I now looked in clothes. I never felt I looked quite right.

Whilst confidence is something that comes from within, it can start with knowing and feeling that you look your best. I remember how uncomfortable I used to feel in my own skin and the clothes I wore. Some days it meant that I started the morning leaving my home feeling depressed. I would be unwilling to connect or communicate with others; I'd start my day deflated. 

Training as an Image Consultant helped me to marry up my love of style with dressing in a way that made me feel good about myself. I'm no longer burdened by feelings of self-doubt.  Feeling amazing in what I wear each morning gives me that boost of energy to take on the day. I now love to share this gift with my clients. 

Suffering from low-self esteem and having no idea of what I wanted to do, or my place in the world impacted on my confidence even further. But, after some serious work and self-growth, I was able to overcome these issues. I am now passionate about helping others work to become their most confident selves.

Confidence Coach and  Style Consultant sits on chair facing camera

After completing my basic Life Coach training I knew in my heart I wanted to inspire confidence in others, and have really enjoyed undertaking further Confidence Coaching training. I'm on a mission to help others feel amazing in their own skin, and achieve everything they want out of life.


As both a Life Coach and an Image Consultant, the combination of my skill set gives me a unique approach to supporting people. I use my two specialties to complement one another to really get to the heart of the problems you're facing.

My own confidence journey has brought me so many wonderful opportunities, and I can't wait to help get you started on your very own journey to a more confident you.